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Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Edition XIII

This weekend has been all about..

Candle-lit dinners!!

Hubby taking a detour to get me the pair of boots I had been wanting for soooo long!! Love him so much!!

Yummy brunch by Hubby!!

Sipping coffee cuddled on the couch!!

Taking a walk and enjoying the cool "fall" air!!

Movie night!!!

Chinese Dinner to celebrate Dad's Birthday!!

What did you do this weekend???

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I have been meaning to wear this dress for a long time.. I did wear it once about 4-5 months back, did not take any pics and then completely forgot about it.. 
So a few days back I was looking through my closet.. and I was like... "I should wear this" !!

What I'm wearing : Dress : Forever21, Jacket : Don't remember, Shoes : Softspot (DSW).. They are very comfortable!!

My accessories : Bag : Hidesign , neon bangle : Forever21, Watch : Fossil

This dress is very versatile.. You can style it anyway you want.. Loads of accessories can be added but I kept the look simple.. may be next time I amp it up!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Edition XII

Today's Weekend Edition will be more pictures and less talking.. 
So, let's get on with it!!

Friday night Dinner ..

Dessert.. to celebrate mum-dad's anniversary!! :)

Saturday early morning trip to the hospital for my yearly regular check up

Don't worry everything's top class!! :P

Had Breakfast at Panera Bread!!

A trip to Mount High to get get hubby's snowboarding ID card made!!

It was a long trip for a 2 minute work!! But the views were breathtaking!!

Yummy chocolate for dessert that night!!

Healthy Breakfast!! :)

At Friends place changing the chandelier.. Out with the old..

In with the new..

Sunday night yummmy sauteed veggies... 

Paneer Paranthas

All in all it was a good weekend!!
What did u guys do? Anything special??