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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The sun's out!!!!

Here in California the weather is beautiful... So Hubby and I decided to step out of the house for a bit.. and this is what I wore...

Shirt : Forever21, Pink tank: don't remember, Jeans: American Eagle, Watch : Fossil, Chappals (shoes) , Bracelet: From India, Clutch : Guess, Necklace : Love Cultur

I wanted to wear something bright so I picked up this hot pink tank,a white button down seemed like the perfect choice to wear over it!!! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Surprise part 4

The last leg in the series "Surprise"

After shocking both my "mums" with my sudden arrival to India.. It was time to meet papa.. We ended up reaching his office. Mum called him "casually" asking if he could come downstairs as she had something ( or someone!hah!) to show him.. All excited I hid behind a pillar and as soon as he came downstairs I surprised him... There was another round of laughter and loud chatter before he headed back to work only to take leave early and spend time with me.. so in the meanwhile we decided to go to my grandparent's and uncle's place.. so, we hopped into the car. They live about 30 mins outside the city. All the way there, we had loads of fun, I told them how we planned the trip, the surprise...

When we reached.. my cousin,Uncle's daughter was in her room.. I quietly opened the door and said "SURPRISE".. her expression... "OH! MY GOD" "YOU??".. hahaha... It was hilarious.. Wish I took a photograph of the expression..

As for my grandparents.. they were taking their afternoon nap.. I came close to my grandma and said "dadi" (grandma) in hushed tones.. she woke up shocked, confused, rubbing her eyes trying to believe it was me.. and not a dream.. Grandpa also woke up.. I hugged them both.. It felt so good.. I love my grandparents...

We all had lunch together.. talked about my life here in the U.S. I felt like the happiest girl on earth....

So this was my surprise story.. do you have such a story.. do share...

P.S. Will be coming up with a lot of outfit posts (including indian wear) and I will be starting a fitness section soon....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Review : Remember me?

Book Review for May

Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella

Remember me? is a story about a twenty eight years old Lexi Smart who wakes up one morning to find out she is in a hospital with a head injury, thinking that she fell down on slippery stairs while running to get a cab for her and her friends outside a pub in 2004. Only to realize that she is suffering from amnesia and its 2007. The three years of her life from 2004-2007 has been completely wiped off. She has a completely different life from the one she remembers.. She no longer has frizzy hair, an underpaid job and nobody calls her "snaggletooth" anymore. She's rich, has a great job, she has a toned up body, great hair and to top that married to a multibillionaire with dashing looks.. but wait a good looking boyfriend too..

Trying to piece together her life she lost, the book covers the emotions and adventures of Lexi in a funny and clever way.Lexi has been potrayed as a women every chick lit heroine has a love-hate relationship with. The book keeps you engaged as to what did she come to know next.. and keeps you looking for more.

It's a lighthearted quick read with simple to understand language. The idea behind the book is interesting and thought provoking. The characters are well written, may be, keeping a movie in mind.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Surprise Part 3

So.. Where were we??

Ahhh.. The parking lot.. It was the parking lot in front of my mother-in-law's office!!!

As soon as we parked out car I started looking out for her car, but was nowhere to be found. I did get the "info." that she was in the office from my "source" a.k.a "hubby". I thought she must have come with someone today.. I inquired about where she was sitting from the security guard outside...
She was sitting right in front of me... She could see me... It's a glass door... I said and hurriedly handed the camera to my friend to take a pic.

She saw me through the glass door.. got up from the seat and sat again a couple of times.. as she could not decide whether or not it was me!! As soon as i said "hello.. mumma..." Her eyes widened and she said... "LOOK!! LOOK!! EVERYONE IT'S MEHAK.. MEHAK IS HERE" on top of her voice and everyone's eyes were fixed onto me.. she hugged me as if to never let go.. It was such a memorable moment. She was in "shock" good shock i guess *chuckle*.. She still couldn't believe her eyes and I thought to myself  "YAY!! My surprise is working". This was just the beginning of the many surprises or should I say many surprised people..

MIL immediately took leave from the office and took me home to a more surprised Grandmother and our very loved housekeeper.. The welcome was beautiful with a little prayer and eating of "Meetha" (sweet).. Well.. we had no time to sit and talk as there were other people who did not know about me being in India like my MOM!!

Before moving forward let me tell you a little background story my parent's and my in-laws home is just 2 mins away.. and before coming to India I told everyone that Me and hubby were going for a connference to SF so as to omit any kind of suspicions..

Back to the topic.. So we took our car to meet mom..I asked MIL to go in first and sit in the living roomrather than the bedroom as the front gate is in direct vision from there.. I waited in the car for about 10 minutes before I made my move to surprise her.. mom was in the kitchen when I came in.. I stood by the kitchen door waiting for her to notice me and as soon as she did.... She just stood there.. right by the refrigerator just wondering, "Where did I come from?".. and then I said.. Hi Mum... and she gave me the tightest and warmest hug ever... I just could not control my laughter... Well, usually in these cases happy tears come out but this time it was overcome by laughter. My brother was also at home and came out of his room asking "IS THIS YOUR SF??" and we started laughing and giggling again... ahhhh... memories...

We sat, chatted, I started telling them stories about my trip when both my MOTHERS shutted me up saying "Let us beleive first that you are here, we'll listen to your stories later"...hah

Well we again got ready to surprise some more people... stay tuned for some more exciting tales.....

In my next post : book review for may... before continuing the tale...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Surprise Part 2

First of all, sorry for my vanishing act. Honestly I thought about getting back to my "Surprise" story a number of times but was so "jam-packed" with work, my solo exhibition, i just couldn't get to it!! To know the details of the exhibition hop on to my art blog.. the link is on your right!! * directing finger * * wink *

Thinking about it now, I realized , it's better that I am updating all of this now and did not do it while in the middle of it. I have so much more to write about my experience.. now that it's over *sigh*..

So getting on with my "Saga"; Can I call it that???

I had already travelled 10,446 miles to New Delhi, India.. wasn't as tired as I was excited.. had another 156 miles to travel, the hardest one of them all, before I could surprise my family.. thoughts of the reactions I would get running around in my mind.. I just could not sleep well at night.. So thought may be I will take a nap in the train on my way to Chandigarh. Well, that was not the plan for me once I boarded the train...

I was lost in my own fantasy world when the train attendant came and offered the "Welcome Rose". One for me and one for the person sitting right next to me. He being a gentleman asked the attendant " to give it to the lady "... I could not help myself but smile.. and the air of awkwardness of talking to a stranger suddenly lifted and we started talking..

Newspaper, bottle of water, "THE TWO ROSES"

 He being a free lance writer amused me and I, being an artist in spite of having a degree in dentistry, amused him. The conversations we had were quite interesting and how the time went by I did not notice..

Tea on train, PARLE- G biscuits.. yummm

Since, nobody knew of my arrival I asked a dear friend of mine to pick me up from the railway station..

I bid good bye to Mr. free lance writer and was set to take my journey ahead and surprise my family and friends... I was meeting my friend after such a long time we chatted all our way. planning on how to surprise the family.. Where to go first and whom to surprise???

We reached the parking are and parked our car.....

Whom did I surprise first?? what was the reaction?? Was it pleasant or Did I shock someone???
Stay tuned for more...