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Friday, August 31, 2012

Hi's and low's in Blue!!!

I know, I know.. it's another BLUE outfit but I love it.. I have been waiting to wear it for so long.. but never gotten to it.. until I went to Vegas and foung this to be the perfect dress to explore Vegas during day time!!

What I'm wearing : Dress : Forever 21, Flip Flops : American Eagle
My Accessories : Bag : Mango, Bracelet : Forever 21, E arrings: India;  Watch : Fossil, Sunglasses : NY and Co. 

It was so hot in Vegas and this dress solved the problem perfectly being airy and the fabric was light!!!

I Love how hi-lo dresses flatter your figure as well as give your legs a longer look!!!

Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Code Blue..

I am a big fan of the color BLUE!! Well.. it's always been pink for girls and blue for boys.. but somehow pink takes a back seat for me.. I am more for the BLUE!! Whenever I go shopping my eyes always find things in blue.. So, I tell my hubby to say "no" to blue items cause I have enough of them... but sometimes I still buy them...

This dress is my own concept.. This was a Phulkari dupatta ( It's an Indian traditional wear from Punjab..) which I designed into a dress... I am a fan of this work from the start but living in US I don't have a lot of Indian wear occasions..  So, I though making a dress out of it would actually solve my purpose and I will still be able to wear this fab Punjabi Traditional Indian wear!!

I got it tailored from a very able and talented designer back in India... She added the pocket details to the dress.. which gives it a little edge...

What I'm wearing : Dress : designed by me; made from Phulkari.. you can know more about it here

The Embroidery on the dress is done by hand.. and that makes it an expensive affair.. but classy...
I paired it with my new Orange-maroon shoes (M in love with them) to give the dress a little contrast!! Keeping the handbag a neutral black and the accessories a mix of gold and blue!!

I was loving the cool evening breeze in my hair!!

No, I have not done anything to my hair.. these are the natural waves of my hair.. and I really like them!!

Shoes : Audrey Brooke (DSW)

Accessories : Earrings : Forever 21

My accessories : My favorite Bag : Da Milano (a splurge) ; Cuff : forever 21; Watch : Fossil
We went out for Hubby's birthday dinner yesterday and it was so much fun... We had reserved a tapas place with wine and everything.. it was a cozy place.. with great ambiance but din't like the food.. so we finished up our wines and went to freebirds world burrito.. and oh yea.. we loved it... for even the picky eaters like me.. we talked and laughed and had an amazing time...

Linkin up with The pleated poppy for What I wore Wednesday!!

Do you like it?? Do lemme know... :) :)
Submitting it for the INFB Remix on Sept 5 2012.. This time it's Indian Fusion... If you wanna enter here are some how to's too!! Did I do justice for the title??

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Edition VIII

This weekend was a mix of both total relaxation and a whole lot of fun!!!

Saturday morning was lazy.. and hubby caught on with his long lost sleep... hah...

We got up and went to the gym.. A great start to a great weekend...

Hubby had a yummy breakfast with chocolate chip waffles and left over Pizza cut up in small slices..

I as usual had a healthy one.. If you haven't tried Sprout's Apple n cinnamon bread.. you definitely should... It is yumm.. just 60 cal per slice, no fat and tastes like cake ( well with less amount of sugar) go find a Sprout's Farmer's Market near you...

Got ready for a long awaited trip to Costco.. to get our essentials

This is what I wore..

What I wore :  Top : American Eagle , Shorts : Levi's, Shoes : from India
My Accessories : Bag : Mango; Bracelets : India and Forever 21, Watch : Fossil

Matching shoes and accessories..

Stopped at Indian grocery store.. You should always have your lunch before you head on to an indian store.. otherwise you end up buying and eating this...My favorite.. Besan ke ladoo... as well as Gol gappas (paani puri) and samosas.. We finished it up before I could take pics...

Saturday evening was planned with friends for Bowling... Actually it's hubby's birthday on the 28th and  I wanted to throw him a surprise party with friends which would not have been possible on a Tuesday, so Saturday it was...

Here is what I wore and how hubby looked...

What I'm wearing : Dress : Forever 21; Shoes : Charlotte Russe
My Accessories : Earrings : INPINK, Bracelets : India and Forver21; Watch : Fossil

We had loads of fun, yummy Tiramisu cake and 2 hours of non stop bowling fun.. especially wen the "Cosmic Bowling" started..

The Birthday boy glows.. :P

Glow in the dark.. My bracelet and Yuthika's Watch!!

This liitle guy said NO to the granola bar but wanted to eat the whole cake!!

Dinner at Chilli's...


Sunday morning started with hubby playing his XBOX 360 when I woke up..

Gym time.. this time interval training

A yummmyyy breakfast

A very relaxing sunday with me painting and watching movies with hubby..

We watched 3 movies... Captain America, Thor and Hellboy..
We were trying to find connections between Captain America and Thor that led to Avengers.. Do you know the connections yet??

The Painting I did is on my art blog now.. You can view them by clickin on my art blog button on your right!!

Lemme know if you like it!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Review 8 : Swapping Lives

Book Review for August..

Title : Swapping Lives
Author : Jane Green
Published by : Penguin Books
Type : Chick-lit
Genre : Fiction
Pages : 410
My Rating : ***

My Review

The base theme for the book : The grass looks greener on the other side!!

Vicky (Victoria Townsley), 35, single, lives in London and is the features editor at Poise! magazine has the perfect life or as it may seem to people but inside Vicky wants to be married, wants to live in a comfortable country home and have kids..

While all the way across in US is Amber, a housewife in Connecticut , married to a handsome loving wall street broker, has 2 adorable kids. She manages events for a local women's league. She too seems to have the most perfect life with designer shoes and clothes in her wardrobe and getting what she wants for herself and for her family.. but is tired of keeping up with the Joneses and wants to live the "single" life again.

So, when the Poise! magazine comes up with an article, inviting people for a life swap, Amber writes in, not thinking that she will be the one selected for the swap with Vicky..

The author goes on by telling what all changes each women experiences, how each of them miss their own life and what they did... They realize what they should or would do to make a difference in their lives to make it better that it already is..

Overall the book was "OK", Although the concept is good but its already :out there", if you know what I mean.. Both the characters failed to make a connection. The author explained the characters thoroughly though but the swap only happened after more than half of the book was finished.. which was kind of " what took away the interest"..

I liked that the language was simple and easy to understand.. So basically a light read..
But I do have another Jane Green book lined up.. Let's see how that turns out to be...

Linking up with BBC 2012 at the Overflowing Library!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Today is the day the most valued women in my life was born.. yes my MUM!!!


I would just like to tell you that without you I would not have been the person I am today.. You have been by my side through thick and thin.. holding my hand and supporting me.. showering me with love.. I know you don't often express it openly..  but that's kind of your style.. and I love it.. sometimes I think I get it from you.. :P

I just wish I could have been there to celebrate this day with you.. go for shopping and have a fun day!!

You have been my strength always.. although I used to be really afraid of you as a child.. but then, who isn't but as the years went by I have found you to be more as a friend than a mother.. A person I can always turn to in good times and bad!!

Ok, now I feel nostalgic and wish instead of writing this I could have told it to you in person...

Because of you "MUM", I know there is always a way!! On this day I just wanna say Thank you for making me the person I am today, for inspiring me all the way.. for giving me the self confidence and the will power to do anything in life!!!

I Love You.. :) :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Black and White!!

The last few months have been crazy busy but a lot of fun!! We have been seeing a lot of new places and also revisiting some of our favorites... WITH FAMILY!! Could it be any better??

So, this weekend.. we went to Vegas.. yay!! It was so much fun!! Walking around all day and night without any sleep.. trying to do as much as we can in a span of 3 days.. well 2.5 to be precise....

But we did manage to squeeze a lot.. by eliminating SLEEP!! I was actually up for about 30 hrs... when we finally came home.. and my bed became my best friend...  I slept like a baby!!

Anyhoo.... This is one of the outfits I wore in Vegas!!!

What I'm wearing : Dress : don't remeber, Shoes : Audrey Brooke (DSW).. it was a steal!! My Accessories : Necklace : NY&co. Bracelet : Forever21; Watch : Fossil; Earrings : Gift from Dad!! ; Cluth : Jimmy Choo

I love the combination of Black and white and if you throw in stripes.. I just had to have it.. Plus I loved the shape of the dress.. I did hit below the knee but It looked so elegant I had to have it... I do not remember the shop I bought it from.. hah!! But it's one of my favorite dresses!!! It gives you that "Hour Glass" figure!!

Sorry for the yellow lighting.. We took the pics in the Hotel Lobby as it was dark outside!!

Do temme what you think about it!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Edition VII

 This weekend was all about one activity and the rest just revolved around it....

Our friends decided to take up a little DIY project to amp up their place and we (me and hubby) jumped right in to lend a hand!! We love DIY projects.. and love getting our hands dirty.. well in this case hands, clothes , legs, faces and what not!! 

Playing with color is kinda my job as you all must have known by now... if not check out my art blog and you will come to know for sure... This became kind of an opportunity for me to paint on a bigger canvas... THE WALL or should I say walls... and it was soooo fun!!!

Right from selecting the color to putting on the masking tape and laying down the carpet mask to painting the walls with the brush and finishing with the rollers.. If you have never done it .. you should definitely try.. 

Warning : There will be a burst of Orange here!!! 

Friday Evening started off with a dinner at Souplantation...

Yummy!! :)

Saturday Morning Breakfast :

Hubby couldn't wait for me to snap a pic!! So I had to take a pic while he took a sip of his chocolate milk!! 

My Breakfast : I Love Peaches!! :)

The work begins , Masking the carpet!! Already covered the sofa!!

This little guy wanted to have some painting fun too.... :) He's gonna be an artist like me!! Did you see those firm brush strokes??

Edges are done.. working on the sides!!

Towards completion!!

Final touches!!

Couldn't help posing!! :P
Bright Orange!!

Preparation for the second room!!

Initial masking and edges for the second room done!!

How does it look!!

Time for tea/wine.... 

Me to Hubby : How do you manage to find new places to throw your clothes everytime??
Hubby : I see this house as a canvas and try to paint it with the color of my clothes!!
Me : HUH????

This was pretty much what we did this weekend.. It took it out of us.. We slept at 2 on Saturday, at least I did.. I was so tired I din't know where I was once I was on my bed.. but hubby was still in that state of restlessness and couldn't sleep..of course I gotta know about it when I got up and saw the pate he ate the grilled cheese sandwich in and the empty vintage cola bottle.. and smiled... :) :) When I told him he should have woken me up.. He innocently made the sweetest face and said I just didn't wanna wake u up.. awww... he looked so cute!! :P :P

Well, he slept at 6 in the morning.. so we started second coating the wall a little late.. but we did complete it on time!!!

How does it look?? Can we call ourselves professionals now??

What did you do this weekend?? Are you thinking of taking up some DIY projects???

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