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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Code Blue..

I am a big fan of the color BLUE!! Well.. it's always been pink for girls and blue for boys.. but somehow pink takes a back seat for me.. I am more for the BLUE!! Whenever I go shopping my eyes always find things in blue.. So, I tell my hubby to say "no" to blue items cause I have enough of them... but sometimes I still buy them...

This dress is my own concept.. This was a Phulkari dupatta ( It's an Indian traditional wear from Punjab..) which I designed into a dress... I am a fan of this work from the start but living in US I don't have a lot of Indian wear occasions..  So, I though making a dress out of it would actually solve my purpose and I will still be able to wear this fab Punjabi Traditional Indian wear!!

I got it tailored from a very able and talented designer back in India... She added the pocket details to the dress.. which gives it a little edge...

What I'm wearing : Dress : designed by me; made from Phulkari.. you can know more about it here

The Embroidery on the dress is done by hand.. and that makes it an expensive affair.. but classy...
I paired it with my new Orange-maroon shoes (M in love with them) to give the dress a little contrast!! Keeping the handbag a neutral black and the accessories a mix of gold and blue!!

I was loving the cool evening breeze in my hair!!

No, I have not done anything to my hair.. these are the natural waves of my hair.. and I really like them!!

Shoes : Audrey Brooke (DSW)

Accessories : Earrings : Forever 21

My accessories : My favorite Bag : Da Milano (a splurge) ; Cuff : forever 21; Watch : Fossil
We went out for Hubby's birthday dinner yesterday and it was so much fun... We had reserved a tapas place with wine and everything.. it was a cozy place.. with great ambiance but din't like the food.. so we finished up our wines and went to freebirds world burrito.. and oh yea.. we loved it... for even the picky eaters like me.. we talked and laughed and had an amazing time...

Linkin up with The pleated poppy for What I wore Wednesday!!

Do you like it?? Do lemme know... :) :)
Submitting it for the INFB Remix on Sept 5 2012.. This time it's Indian Fusion... If you wanna enter here are some how to's too!! Did I do justice for the title??


  1. Lovely dress, you have a really nice smile :)

  2. Great look! Thanks for the comment on our blog. Of course we'll follow! Thank you in advance for following ours.

  3. That dress is amazing! Gorgeous design ;)

  4. Nice idea with dress..I may have some dupattas from before marriage in India!

  5. I'm more of a blue kinda girl than pink girl too :)

  6. This dress is so pretty, Mehak! This is a great Indo-western fusion number! Love the work on the phulkari dupatta turned dress and the orange shoes are a perfect pop of color!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  7. I totally loved the dress... great idea...and I just loved ur pumps..!!

  8. Is the dress really designed by you? That's amazing. Looks pretty on you. Blue totally brightens up your face!

  9. I love phulkaris too ! I have a anarkalli in phulkari,they are always graceful!U look elegant in this one !

  10. The outfit is amazing ! You are looking fabulous, blue suits you !
    You love blue, I love green :))
    Indian designs/fabrics gives an extra edge to an outfit when we wear it. So much better than some of the monochromatic western outfits that we have in our wardrobe ! I do not know why but I always prefer Indian designs and fabrics over western ones even if I am wearing a western outfit.
    I am also loving your new shoes, great color and style. Really compliments your outfit/look.
    have a nice day !

  11. sure..following you,your turn:)

  12. Great dress! Cant believe it was a dupatta! Really creative!

  13. I love that bag!<3
    thanks for commenting in my blog,
    I'm now following you hope you follow back xoxo

  14. Lovely dress!!! I like the prints on your dress! Thanks for your lovely comment <3 following you now! Hope you follow me back.

  15. Wow, that dress is gorgeous, and I love how you were able to incorporate the fabric of traditional clothing and make it a bit more modern and practical! Beautiful!

  16. Thank you for the sweet comment! I love your dress! Fabulous outfit.


  17. I don't know if "talented" is a strong enough word for your tailor, that dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. Great look! Cool and trendy!
    Love it! Have a great week doll!

  19. Hello! I like your blog! Im following you now!

    If you like my blog, follow me back please! XoXo

  20. love the dress and your exotic smile


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