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Friday, September 28, 2012

The "Surprise" Date

What do you think about a "middle of the week" date... especially when you least expect it..
when you had already cooked dinner...
when you were ready to just sit on the couch and watch tv all cuddled up!!

Well, according to me.. I just "Love" it...  and when hubby puts a little thought to it.. it makes it even more special..

So, while I was working out after I finished making dinner.. I get a call from hubby.. He told me that we are going out to dinner... where??
The answer to that was.. "you will be picking it but you still won't be knowing where we are going.. don't worry you'll like it.." So he tells me to just pick a number from 1-4 and I did..

What I'm wearing : Dress : Forever21, Shoes : Charlotte Russe
My Accessories : Bag : Hidesign , Watch : Fossil, Earrings : crochet by Maneet , Bangles : India.

So I got dressed up well, casually as he said to.. and we went out.. he took a long route and we talked all the way.. without knowing where we were actually going.. I was a bit anxious..

We came to the parking lot.. he had, I mean I had chosen a Mexican place.. It is one of my favorite places..

Sorry for the dark pictures.. there wasn't enough lighting and the flash did not do justice to the pic!!

especially because it has outdoor seating and the weather was just perfect..

and the view was beautiful..

the food is healthy as you get to make your own taco or burrito in front of you...

we enjoyed our food and talks and the beautiful weather.. I took away the thought that it was the middle of the week...

I even stopped by our favorite farmer's market to pick up some fruits.. yea.. i am like that.. hehe!!

We went for my kind of dessert..

It was the perfect date.. "Our" kinda date...

Thank you so much hubby for the beautiful evening!!

Would you plan a "mid-week" date.. just to take things out of your mind and relax??

Have a great weekend guys.. see you on monday!! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Emmy Look!!

Did you catch the latest Emmy Awards this weekend??

There was a plethora of colors on the Red Carpet..

From yellow/gold to orange..
From sea foam to cobalt blue...
From Reds to Burgundy and oxblood..
From Prints to glitzy glamour..

I loved looking at all the dresses.. but these were my favorites...

Ginnifer Goodwin in vintage inspired Monique Lhuillier..
I loved the Orange.. Looked so fresh and eye catchy!!

Lucy Liu in atelier Versace gown...
Glamorous with an edge!! 

Heidi Klum in Alexander Vaulthier..
The softness of the sea foam color and the sexiness of that long slit really made it stand out!

Julia Louis- Dreyfus in Vera Wang..
The silhouette is just amazing.. the way it accentuates the curves.. the fall.. I just loved this dress.. with the addition of this beautiful burgundy color.. Tooo good!! 

Hayden Panettiere in Marchesa..
 I loved the Indian saree inspired dress on the runway as well.. 

Tina Fey in Vivienne Westwood
The color, the clean crisp look and the right amount of embelishment.. Perfection!

Do you like my picks?? Which looks did you like???

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Edition XI

This week has been another hectic one.. and I have absolutely no clue where the time went!! so we took the weekend to relax and unwind..

Thank you so much for being patient with me and for all the well wishes.. the bruise is healing at a rapid pace and I hope it will vanish in another couple of days!!

So, when I say relaxing and unwinding.. it means...

Taking more naps..

I love eating vegetables.. and yes.. that's a yogurtland spoon.. I collect them..

Eating home cooked meals..

watched miss congeniality 1 and 2 back to back on ABC

Watching loads of movies..

Having tea and coffee cuddled up on sofa..

Taking some time to look after the long forgotten patio..

Watching Emmy's on TV and picking out my favorite dresses (you'll see them in my next post)..

Having a pizza night..

So, what did you do on this weekend??

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Edition X

This past week I had a lot on my plate.. It was crazy busy.. So, I have a lot of catching up to do.. sorry for not dropping by your lovely blogs.. don't worry I will definitely be reading them this week...

Did I mention the weekend was even busier.. I din't even know you could do SO much in two days.. Wanna know what I did this weekend.. but before that there is a little back story to it..

We had scheduled " a pest control fumigation " last week.. not that there was a need for it but you know just being a little more careful.. I hate any kind of bugs or insects inside my apartment... So, we've been putting our stuff into boxes.. and I seriously had no idea.. there is just so much stuff that I've collected in the past year and a half that I don't even remember buying.. let alone using it.. and some amazing stuff that I had been hiding..

Actually I could say that it was a very productive week for me.. I cleaned out my entire apartment in a matter of about 4 days and now it feels brand new... well, some of it is because of what we did on the weekend..

Friday started off with me still unpacking the boxes.. especially when you need your morning coffee fix and the coffee machine is in one of the boxes that contained the kitchen stuff!! Ok, now you've got the coffee machine but there is no cup, spoon or sugar and you have absolutely no idea where these things are, So, you go on and open all the boxes, make yourself a cup of coffee with no place to sit.. break the rule of no eating in the bedroom and have your breakfast.. thinking.. this is gonna be a Looooonnngg day.. and before you read on.. I should tell you.. this is going to be a looooong post!! :P

I gather all my strength cause there was a lot of lifting and climbing and setting and cleaning to do so.. but guess what I completed all the work before hubby came home from office... It felt so good... After all that it was time to go out for dinner.. we wanted to try this new cafe I found but turned out it closes earlier than we thought.. We decided to go for Indian food... Comfort food for me... :)

Saturday started out early, you must be thinking I should have slept till late to make up for the tiredness.. but well we had different plans.. We had signed up for an archery class... and lemme tell you.... You should definitely try it.. it's so much fun.. plus I loved our coach.. he was so patient with us.. told us all the technique.. me being the worst at it.. he took the time to work with me...

What I wore : Shirt : H&M, Cami : american apparel , Jeans : American Eagle , Shoes : Skechers

Hubby decided to give me a pose!! Loved it!!

My quiver of arrows!!

Men in action!

It looks like m concentrating too much LOLZZ

It looked like a scene from a movie.. all ready to fire at the enemy!!


I did get hurt hurt though, No. the arrow din't go through any part of my body... but while shooting it the string of the bow hit my arm pretty bad and not one or two but several time I guess I needed a longer arm guard.. and now It's all swollen and bluish-greenish-reddish in color and pains like hell to touch.. but I guess that's something to show off.. I did something new.. yay!!

It looks nasty.. dosen't it!

In spite of getting hurt and everything we were determined to do our next project : Painting the wall of our living room.. hubby had been obsessing about it for a long time and we both thought.. Let's do it!!

while going home from the class we thought "why don't we pick up the color on our way home?".. we stopped by Dunn - Edwards.. but voila.. we both forgot the name of the colors we had chosen and got confused.. We picked up a new color that we both agreed on!! and it looks amazing!!

It looks blue in natural light!

and grey in yellow light!

We did 2 quotes of paint on the wall before going to sleep that night...

On Sunday we cleared up all the area..

I made them... :)

 I made four wall decor paintings.. We hung  them..

We  decided a place for hubby's new snowboard..

I cleared up my studio area.. It looks so neat now.. got rid of an old computer table that had been taking a lot of space in my studio..

Gol gappas and samosa feast!!
We finally rested at night by watching our engagement dvd.. and laughing at some moments... and having gol gappas and samosas (Indian Food) for dinner...

and also.. Today is my Brother's birthday...
 Dearest Sukrit.. Wishing you a very very happy birthday!! May God bless you and give you everything you wish for...
 I'm thinking of making something sweet today to celebrate as I can't be with him right now to have the yummy birthday cake!!.... Any suggestions??

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Edition IX

Sometimes.. time just flies.. this is what happened with us this weekend... We had a long "to-do" list but somehow the weekend came and went and we did not do anything we wanted to from the list.. I mean we did do a lot but nothing from the list.. 

Lets see what we did this weekend...

Weekend started with dinner out on Friday.. This has become kind of a routine for us.. we hardly eat at home on Friday evenings..

Saturday morning started off with our favorite breakfast.. that included everything we wanted to eat.. so turns out it wasn't breakfast.. more of a brunch.. the fact being it was served at 12 p.m... yea we are lazy bums.. hah!! 

You might have seen this photo on instagram if you follow me.. you can @mehakmittal

Aww... he looks so cute!!!! :P

We ate our "BRUNCH" while watching Kung Fu Panda.. one of our favorite animated movies... 

Then it was time to get ready for a shopping spree with my bestest friend Yuthika.. it was a kinda girls day out... We were on a home improvement project.. and I am the acting Interior Designer... hahha.. Just Kidding..

 We were able to find some really interesting things for the best price ever.. There are still loads of things to buy and set up for which the list has already been prepared.. and things picked out.. only the purchasing part is left.. once the whole look comes together.. I am surely gonna be sharing it with you guys...

We had dinner at BJ's and hubby joined us there... 

We went to my friend's place to set up all the things we bought.. this is how they look as of yet!!

We fell in love with these cushions the moment we saw them.. and they were the last 2 left in the store!! yay!!

These curtains add a little Indian touch with the Peacock feathers!!

The light coming through make them look even more pretty!

We came back home, watched a bollywood movie.. "Lagaan".. after a long time..

Had pancakes as a late night snack!! 

Did I mention "CHOCOLATE CHIP" pancakes!!!

Of course you would think Sunday started off late.. well not that late.. we went out for brunch at 10.30... A Lavish brunch at that!!

This was just the beginning!!

Went to Michaels to pick up some DIY home decor stuff.. 

This is what I made..

Watched another Bollywood movie.. Sometimes I think we watch wayyy too many movies!! What do you guys think?? do we??

Had Tofu sandwiches for dinner...

But the list I talked about.. is still intact.. hope we'll pick it up next weekend...

So, What did you do this weekend!! 
Do you also make a list of things to do on the weekend or try to take the day as it comes...??