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Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Edition VI

This weekend, we did not have anything major planned.. We thought of sitting on the couch and watching Olympics.. We surely did that.. but a lesser amount that originally planned... Instead we had bruch with friends!!

With Yuthika.. I just love spending time with her.. chatting, laughing and having fun.. Time with her just flies..  :) ... She is one of my most favorite people in the world..

Thought we'll be playing with this little guy but he was down with fever.. hope he's feeling well now..
He is so cute.. everytime we leave he comes out to see us off.. never forgetting to put on his..oh..I mean his dad's slippers... and he's obsessed with spoons and forks these days.. sleeps with a spoon too.. :P

Bruschetta.. Fresh from the oven.. All the ingredients you see here are absolutely fresh.. Even the "Bread".. Freshly baked in the morning!!

When we got back home.. I had a severe headache.. but nothing that a cup of tea can't fix!!

Saturday night was game night.. Well, in this case "Ludo" night!!! And as usual I WON.. I love board games and they love me!! yay!!

Sunday morning started with a trip to the farmer's market.. There is nothing better than buying fresh fruits and vegetables from the people who grow them.. This was the perfect bunch of grapes.. Seeing it made me remind of "King's eating grapes" or rather women feeding them grapes.. :P Lolz.. We've got to get a THRONE!! hahha

I bought these beautiful earrings from the farmer's market too.. Aren't they pretty!! :)

Starting my kitchen garden with herbs.. Basil and Mint!!

Post workout drink.. Orange juice + Strawberries + Beets.. No sugar/salt added.. It was soooooo yumm!!!

A perfect end to the perfect weekend with sitting "by" the jacuzzi with our feet dipped... Talking away..Lazy times with hubby!! :)

How was your weekend?? Did you watch Olympics?? Which is your favorite sport??

Too many questions... Well you can pick one.. haha

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P.S. Next up : What do you do??

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two in One...

Typically I try to stay away from technology on weekends... Its hubby time... A time to relax and unwind...
But I am so excited that I just couldn't wait to share this with you...

I received not one but two blogger awards in one day!!! Yay!!! 

My 1st ever Blogger award(s)... 

I am extremely thankful and honored to be nominated for the "Sunshine Blogger Award" by Ashy of "The Zing Of My Life". She is a gem of a person, a loving friend and someone you connect to instantly. Do not forget to checkout her amazing blog.

The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog page.2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.3. Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers.4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Here are the answers to the questions Ashy asked...

Q1. If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?
A1. There are a lot of places on my vacation list, but Seychelles always tops the list. I have been wanting to go there ever since I saw the Miss World Pageant held in 1998. I was probably 12 years old.    

Q2. whats your memorable moment/fav memory since you became a blogger?
A2. Being nominated for 2 awards.. :)

Q3.  what do you do to relax after a hectic day?
A3. Read a book, watch a movie lying in my hubby's lap, painting....

Q4.  when are you most alert morning or night?
A4. In the morning, when I have a full schedule planned for the day... 

Q5.  would you rather be by yourself or with lots of people?
A5. Being an artist, I often spend most of my time working alone in my studio. So I try to be around lots of people as much as I can... 

Q6.  your favorite fashion magazine and blog?

A6. Well! There are a lot of blogs that I love and follow, so its hard to pick out one. one the other hand one of my fav fashion magazine is Glamour...

Q7.  are you active or quiet/silent person?
A7. I am quite an active person. Ask my husband :P 

Q8.  how many hours do you spend on blogging in a week?
A8. How many hours are there in a week... just kidding..
I love blogging and interacting with people. So I try to give in as many hours as I can...

Q9.  Pink or black?
A9. Neither. I more into the Blue hues...

Q10.  whats your favorite place to shop in this world and why?
A10. I loveeeee trying on shoes... whether I buy them or not... So I have to admit... DSW is one of my fav places to shop. All brands under one roof.... I could spend hours in that shop....

I am thankful and "double-y" honored for my Second Award Nomination, "Liebster Award" bestowed upon me by the sweet, lovely and extremely gorgeous Juneli of "Fashionably Yours". She has an amazing blog and a fantastic sense of style....   

The rules for receiving this award:1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.4. Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
5. Go to their page and tell them.6. Remember, no tag backs!

Here are the answers to the questions Juneli asked :

Q1. In which place would you like to buy/own your dream home? 
A1. Someplace where I can get up every morning and see the ocean and the beach right outside my window.. I am imagining it right now!!! :P

Q2. What kind of music do you enjoy?
A2. Any kind.. that makes me wanna know what song it is..

Q3. What is your favorite pastime?
A3. Reading books, listening to music while sipping a hot cup of coffee!!

Q4. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
A4. Beach, waterfall, hubby by my side and a beautiful weather...

Q5. Which aspect of blogging do you find most interesting?
A5. Meeting new people and expressing my own views freely!!

Q6.  If you are a book worm or a couch potato, what is your all time favorite movie/TV show/book?
A6. To be honest, I am both.. So my favorite book so far is Jeffrey Archer's A matter of honor and favorite movie.. "Jab We Met" (Bollywood movie).. I have some fond memories attached to it!!

Q7. What would you wear on a first date?
A7. A Nice chiffon dress.. in a pastel color..

Q8. Name a few of your favorite fashion brands.
A8. Fossil, DKNY, Arden B

Q9.  Love, work, family, friends- how do you prioritize them?
A9. Family, love, friends,work 
Q10. How would you describe your style of dressing? For eg, girly, edgy, lady like, Bohemian, casual, sporty, elegant etc.
A10. Casual and chic

Q11.  Sunshine or snow-flakes?
A11. Definitely Sunshine.. I just can't stand Cold!! That's why I love living in California.. It has the perfect weather... :)

My nominee's for The Sunshine Blogger Award :

1. Allison at A's Fashion files
2. Alexandra at To Vogue or Bust
3. Bessie at Bravoe Runway
4. Danavee at This Vintage Grove
5. Nav at Navland style
6. Jas at For All that Jas
7. Kajal at In the blue
8. Jyoti at Style Delights
9. Chandriga at A Cook's memoir
10. Purvi at A Beautiful Life

My nominee's for the Liebster Award :

1. Maneet at In pursuit of myself
3. Kacie at Kacie's Closet
4. Sangha Mitra at La Dolce Vita
5. Michela at My Daily Style
6. Nidhi Maghan at Secretly Stylish
7. Vidhya at The Daily Sequin
8. Danie at What will she wear
9. Emily Meyers at Life etc
10. Jasmine at  Adam Alex Mommy
11.Katie at Katie's Bliss

Here are my questions for both the Sunshine Blogger Award and Liebster Award :

Q1. What was the inspiration behind your blog?
Q2. Which one would you prefer : A vacation trip to the Mountains or Islands??
Q3. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Q4. Who is your favorite blogger?
Q5. If you were given a chance to undo one thing from your life what would it be and why??
Q6. What is your idea of a perfect breakfast?
Q7. What quality do you most like in yourself and why?
Q8. Have you accomplished any goals recently.. tell us about it..
Q9. What do you prefer : Heels or Flats??
Q10. If given an opportunity to be on the cover of a magazine.. Which one would you choose and why?
Q11. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words.. what would they be??

The first 10 questions are for the Sunshine Blogger awards... But if you like you can definitely answer them all... 

Thank you to all my fellow bloggers, followers, friends, family and all you lovely people out there who helped me, motivated me.. Without you people my blog would not have reached till here.. Thank you for all your support and well wishes.. 

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!!! :)

I will be posting my Weekend Edition as usual on Monday... :)  :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cheery Floral

Well, I am all "cheered" up to finally put this outfit on the blog.. It has just been sitting and waiting for me.. 

I love yellow, it brings out the sunshine in you.. being bright and perfect for summers.... Plus if you've got flowers with it.. Bring it on... 

I picked this top up on my visit to India.. and while my painting exhibition was going on..
I know, I know I am the artist I have to be there but you have to get out once in a while.. So, when my mum came and suggested that dad will sit there for a while and we should check out some shops around,  I just could not say no...It had been a tiring day and when I saw this beautiful top, it really "cheered" me up... So, hence the name of the post!!

In the background you can see the BBQ area.. It's right next to our apartment and you can smell the delicious food every evening... make my mouth water everytime... and YES, those are my Home keys which I forgot to give to hubby.. So, after this pic was taken.. I threw it towards him yelling "CATCH".. he caught it allright!! :)

What I'm wearing : Top : Madame (India), Shorts : Levi's (India), Footwear : India,
Accesories : Necklace : Forever21, Clutch : Jimmy Choo, Sunglasses : NY and Co

I love the collar of the top, I had nothing like that in my wardrobe.. It accentuates the neck and make you look taller, plus the bubble hem hides any belly that bulges out when you are out and forget how much you should eat!! (happens with me all the time)..

Plus.. it is so versatile.. You can wear it formally with a pencil skirt or pair of pants because of the collar or casually like with jeans or shorts...

If I can't decide what Top to wear.. This is the one I always go for now..

Do you have such a piece of clothing in your closet??

Next up : Weekend edition..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Review 7 : The Clocks

My Book Review for July..

Title : The Clocks
Author : Agatha Christie
Published by : Berkley
Type : Mystery / Detective Novel
Genre : Fiction
Pages : 257

My Review

First of all, i would start by saying that I have heard a lot about Agatha Christie's novels, so I had to read one.. and this became my first... Lets get on with the review...

Shiela Webb, A typist for hire working for the Cavendish Bureau is specifically requested for a job at Wilbraham Crescent.. following the instructions given to her, she gets into the house, where she is absolutely shocked and dumbfounded to find a decently dressed man dead on the floor, or rather murdered!! She runs out of the house screaming and bumps into Colin Lamb ( the "hero" of the novel), who happens to be a spy.

Here comes the twists when Detective Inspector Hardcastle who is working on the case finds out :
1. the dead guy has no way of identification
2. the owner of the house Mrs. Pebmarsh is blind and had not called/ requested  for any typist services
3. There are 5 clocks in the room where the body was found and 4 of them showed the time 4.13
4. To give it a more twist these clocks did not belong to Mrs. Pebmarsh

The novel started out strong with a complex mystery murder and introduction of the characters but lost its momentum as for a number of chapters there was no development.. Till there is another murder and introduction of the most interesting character of the book "Hercule Poirot"..

The book is written by narrator aspect and Colin Lamb's aspect..
All in all I did not find the book very interesting.. in the end I felt as if all the characters who were working on the case are presented as "fools" (sorry for being harsh) as they had no clue what was going on and the whole case was solved by Hercule Poirot. The end was overwhelming with a lot of "revealing" and "solving" all at one time!!

I am still not giving up on Agatha Christie and will definitely be picking up another book by her.. I also found out there is a TV series on this novel which now I really wanna watch.. By reading more about it I also got to know that it was one of the "newer" works of her and the old ones are more interesting.. So I'll definitely be picking one of her books again...

If you've read any of her book you found interesting.. Please do suggest...

P.S. : Next up : Another Outfit Post

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Edition V

Time for yet another Weekend Recap!!
But before that, I would like to thank all my readers for stopping by and giving me suggestions and tips for my outfit and blog!! I really appreciate it...
I took the advice of one of my readers and changed the look of the blog "a bit".. M still trying to put in some more additions , once I am satisfied with how they look...

Getting on with the weekend..

Well, this weekend was all about relaxing, we have been up and about for the past one month or may be more than that.. so, we took the much deserved break.. you know the ones that involve lying on the couch all day munching on "not-so" goodies, watching movies one after the other.. To tell you the truth.. I do regret eating those "not-so" goodies now...

Anyways.. Here is my weekend in pictures.. You must have seen most of them if you follow me on instagram.. If you want to can @mehakmittal

My Brother left for India this friday!! I was feelin' a bit sad..So, hubby cheered me up with an ice cream party!! Yay!!
Saturday morning... Hubby was fast asleep.. So, this is what I did ::

 1. Watched my favorite Cartoons... I Know m a kid at heart!!

2. Painted my toes.. mint and grey!!

 3. Listened to light music while reading and "completing" another book and drinking my favorite cinnamon coffee!!

So, you wanna know why hubby got up so late... He was playing games and eating chocolate.. while i was asleep ... I found chocolate on his specs.. Can you believe it.. how did chocolate get on his specs?? Wierd!! (that tiny speck on the top center to right on the glass)

After the ice cream party i had to got to the gym.. but I guess I burned less than i ate.. So guilty!!

Saturday evening was a movie marathon, watching one and recording the other.. and then watching the other and putting a reminder for the next one.. So, we watched Indiana Jones, National treasure, Spideman 3, Step up, Blind side... wow... that's too many right... for 2 days!!

Sunday morning we went to the new farmer's market that opened up walking distance from home.. The veggies were sooo fresh!!!

 There were these lovely flowers too... all kinds of beautiful colors... i couldn't resist and got some for decorating home too....

 Lillies in my living room...  Waiting for them to bloom...

Hubby enjoying his Coffee in the "geek' mug!!! He's looking like one too.. right!! :P

Had a nice indian dinner with a big dollop of Mango Chutney YUMMMM

 Got myself an easel to start off with my second biggest painting!! It will take some time to make....

And yes, I've already started off with another book!! 

So what did you do on your weekend??

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P.S. : Next post : Book Review : Agatha Christie's The Clocks!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Casual Teal..

The weather here in California is kinda unpredictable these days!! It's been cloudy and the breeze is a little cold and they say it's Summers!!!

I wore a simple, casual outfit with one of my favorite color "Teal" but had to add a blazer as it was a little cold!!

I really like this pic hubby took.. I was loving my hair as it was all healthy and flowy!! :)

What I'm wearing : Blazer : Love cultur, Top : aeropostale, Jeans : AE, Shoes : DSW , Clutch : Guess
My Jewels : Necklace and earrings : INPINK, Watch : Fossil
M thinking of pairing this teal top with a pink or may be peach shorts/pants.. what do you think?? Will it look good??

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday : Weekend Edition IV

It's been a while since I've posted a weekend edition.. To be true I haven't been around lately.. roaming around in the wilderness.. which was AWESOME!!

This weekend.. we had to take an impromptu road trip (again) to Reno, Nevada.. So hubby calls at 10 a.m. on Friday and tells me we are leaving at 6 in the evening and it might take two days.. so, pack accordingly.. I left everything I was doing and started making a list of things that we would need and whether we had it or not.. plus thought of something easy to make for dinner, that we could eat before leaving or take it with us..

At exact 6 we left for another road trip, although it was an 8 hr drive it did not seem as if it was a long trip after the last road trip we took.. but we had still not recovered from the tiredness of the last trip and we started to feel it at about 2 in the night and so we started looking for a rest stop.. Can you believe it we couldn't get a place till 4.. There was either NO VACANCY or We were driving through a National forest.. Finally we got a place and straightaway went to sleep to wake up at 9 even more tired.. have no idea why.. Especially me.. I just wanted to curl up on the bed and sleep.. sleep.. sleep.. anyway we had some work to do.. So, we headed on to Reno to visit hubby's bro.. we all had a lovely breakfast, took care of the work and headed back another long 8 hr drive.. exhausting.. took a break for dinner, good long 45 minutes break... then back in the car!!.. Straight to home sweet home this time... The thought of home never seemed so good and tempting as it did at that hour!!

Well, a nice refreshing sleep and long hot shower.. Sunday was perfect with a lot of lazy times with hubby and talks with bro.. it was just perfect..

Here, it is my weekend in some pics...

Having Breakfast!!

The Presidential Campaign Photograph!! Haha!!


Hi Ducky!! :)

This is a place where lots of weddings take place!! We had to take a pic!! :P

My Yummy Breakfast!! "Nature's Bonanza"

This is what I saw when I entered Hubby's brother's home.. Big Ass Watermelon sitting on the chair!! LOLZZ

How U Doin' ??

Hope you have a great week!!! :) :)

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