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Monday, February 13, 2012

An Early Day...

After loads of fun with Hubby and Brother in Law who flew in to L.A. for Russel Peters show at Irvine and to spend some quality time with us over the weekend..

This week started off real early for me.. Woke up at 4 a.m. yup.. No Kidding..
Brother in law had an early flight and hubby drove him to the airport and then left for work.. So what do one do waking up that early.. I tried to sleep but sleep was also annoyed and left my eyes..
So I started up with my daily chores..
and then went on to do my Yoga...
after finishing everything up I sat down and looked at the watch and it was only 10 o clock....
So thought of finishing up my painting that I started a week ago.. and is another one of my big projects with loads of details, I will be putting that up on my art blog really soon..
It's 3:00 and now I am tired..

Thinking of the things that I would do tomorrow for Valentine's Day.. This will definitely keep me busy..

So until next time.. Wishing everyone out there A very Happy Valentine's Day!! :)

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