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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reviewing Now: The Counter. Custom Built Burgers

Hubby dear has consented to do a section on my blog "Reviewing Now".. It will include all kinds of restaurants, hang out places, road trip ideas and much more... this being the first one... Hope you guys like it!! Handing it over  to him...

Hi Folks... Some of you might not know, but Mehak and I are both big time foodies... However, our friends say our taste is unique... We are always looking for something unusual...

So we came across this place that looked like it had a modern appeal. The kind of place that is inviting and you can expect good food with a welcoming atmosphere. That was enough to draw us in.


So the moment you sit down, you are handed a clip board. The 1st thought that come to my mind was, "are they gonna make us sign a disclaimer before they serve us their food". Well, not the case... The clip board and the pencil is to fill out your burger selections...
Once you select what size burger you want, you pick your protein...They have an amazing vegan option which is great if you looking for something healthier... In addition to that, in my opinion vegan patty is their most yummy one in the selection.... I learned it the hard way when I went for turkey and Mehak got the vegan... My Turkey was great, but Vegan was super awesome....
Anyway, after selecting 4 toppings from a selection of 20+ toppings, a sauce from a selection of another 20+ selections and the type of cheese from 12 type of cheeses... you place your order...
Trust me when I say this, the combinations are endless... In fact it could get a bit overwhelming.... And to help that, they have a standard menu as well....

For us, we like trying new combinations every time we go and has become one of our fav joint..There's another plus.. we can only eat half at a time so the half becomes our next day's lunch!! ;P
 This time we got this....

Parmesan fries.. you have to try them.... 

The thing is... I like Parmesan fries and Mehak likes sweet potato...
 Lucky for us, they serve mix plates and any combination of fries....

My Vegan patty burger with pineapple,  sauteed onions, roasted corn & bean salsa, jalapeno jack cheese
 and basil pesto  sauce

Mehak's Vegan patty, bell pepper, pineapple, olives on a whole wheat bun along with apricot sauce....
Yummy Yummy.... 

 Last but not the least... a great selection of beer to go with these burgers... My fav is the heff....
With newer branches opening every month, you can hope to find one nearby....

So are we missing anything.... Oh! here is the link....

What is your favorite burger place.... Love to hear from you....

P.S.: The comments and reviews are solely my own opinions and I have not been paid for or compensated for in anyway for this review.



  1. I've been here a few times, but they're closed in Chicago now. I really like their most burger joints its hard to find something yummy when you're vegetarian. Your burgers look yum!

  2. Not sure if we have this chain in Phoenix (will search), and would love to go since me and my husband love having burgers once in a while.. And the pictures here are droolworthy..!!
    Hungry now! OK BYE!!

  3. nice blog
    Do u want to follow each other on gfc and on fb ? Let me known

  4. Those parmesan fries look amazing, like melt in my mouth delicious!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Mmmmm! I love burgers! Looks yummy!

  6. Oh my! The burgers look so so yummy! So happy about the fact that its vegan!!! :)
    Thanks for stopping by dear. Do follow too if you like! :)
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  7. The burgers look yum!!! Nice idea of reviewing restaurants! Helpful for the people who want to try those places! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  8. Love Counter burgers! They are here in Reston and I have tried their veggie burger. The best part is the customization! Good job with the review :) and the parmesan fries pic is making me hungryyyy ;)
    btw, have you entered the giveaway to win a pretty necklace? Tomorrow is the last day :)

  9. Oh my days, this makes me extremely hungry!


  10. Not sure when we get this chain within Phoenix (can search), and so want to move since us along with my husband really like obtaining hamburgers now and then.. Along with the images listed below are droolworthy..!!
    Hungry currently! Okay Ok bye!!
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  11. Yum! This looks so good! Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love if you followed me!

    xo Andrea


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