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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book Review

My second book review for BBC 2012..

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

This has become one of my favorite reads.. being easy to understand, hillarious, potraying the life of a young attorney who makes a huge mistake bringing down the name of the firm she is working for and costing them millions of dollars. She runs away to the outskirts of London and feeling tired, exhausted stops by a house to ask for water and is mistaken for an interviewee for the housekeeper, going with the flow, she accepts the job with no clue as to how to cook or clean. Day by day she encounters how to deal with the house work, and starts to realise that she had been missing this part of life by working day in and day out, she also finds love during his stay as a house keeper and never felt better in her entire life.. Only to discover in the end that the mistake was planted and she had nothing to do with it, the firm also offers her partnership in the firm... to know what happened to her and did she take the position, went back to her old job.. Do read the book!!

Loved reading it.. though I did finish it two weeks ago, I did not have time to write the review...

You must be wondering what happened to the time machine by H. G Wells... It has been sitiing in my IPad. I am planning to finish it next month..

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  1. The book sounds great. I loved the review. Following you back!


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