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Monday, May 21, 2012

Surprise Part 2

First of all, sorry for my vanishing act. Honestly I thought about getting back to my "Surprise" story a number of times but was so "jam-packed" with work, my solo exhibition, i just couldn't get to it!! To know the details of the exhibition hop on to my art blog.. the link is on your right!! * directing finger * * wink *

Thinking about it now, I realized , it's better that I am updating all of this now and did not do it while in the middle of it. I have so much more to write about my experience.. now that it's over *sigh*..

So getting on with my "Saga"; Can I call it that???

I had already travelled 10,446 miles to New Delhi, India.. wasn't as tired as I was excited.. had another 156 miles to travel, the hardest one of them all, before I could surprise my family.. thoughts of the reactions I would get running around in my mind.. I just could not sleep well at night.. So thought may be I will take a nap in the train on my way to Chandigarh. Well, that was not the plan for me once I boarded the train...

I was lost in my own fantasy world when the train attendant came and offered the "Welcome Rose". One for me and one for the person sitting right next to me. He being a gentleman asked the attendant " to give it to the lady "... I could not help myself but smile.. and the air of awkwardness of talking to a stranger suddenly lifted and we started talking..

Newspaper, bottle of water, "THE TWO ROSES"

 He being a free lance writer amused me and I, being an artist in spite of having a degree in dentistry, amused him. The conversations we had were quite interesting and how the time went by I did not notice..

Tea on train, PARLE- G biscuits.. yummm

Since, nobody knew of my arrival I asked a dear friend of mine to pick me up from the railway station..

I bid good bye to Mr. free lance writer and was set to take my journey ahead and surprise my family and friends... I was meeting my friend after such a long time we chatted all our way. planning on how to surprise the family.. Where to go first and whom to surprise???

We reached the parking are and parked our car.....

Whom did I surprise first?? what was the reaction?? Was it pleasant or Did I shock someone???
Stay tuned for more...

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