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Friday, September 7, 2012

Summers.. Don't go!!!

Well if you look at the weather here.. there is no sign of fall.. except for the fact that the sun sets a little early and rises a bit late.. but I can live with it...

I just don't want summers to end... It's the best season to wear whatever you want to.. go to the beach.. enjoy those lovely evenings with hubby.. sit in the patio to have dinner..

Do you like summers as much as I do ??

What I'm wearing : Top : American Eagle , Shorts : Levis, Shoes : DSW
My accessories : Watch : Fossil, Headband : don't remember, Bag : Mango

I've started using this amazing Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and Conditioner.. and I'm loving the effect it has on my hair.. Can you see the lovely waves and curls.. they're so defines and I din't even do anything..  My hair have become smooth, silky and sooo soft to touch.. if you find it somewhere do try!!!


  1. Needless to say you have a lovely smile and your hair definitely look gorgeous!!

  2. Gorgeous top! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am following you now.

    <3 from:

  3. I so so so loved your shoe. :)

    Your hair looks nice :)

    p.s its raining where I live :P ...

  4. My hair stylist has been recommending Moroccan oil for ages!! But he's been talking about the serum. Maybe I should give it a shot!
    You love blue, dont u? :D
    But blue loves u back. You look fab!

  5. Gorgeous outfit, I love your top.

    Xaimarys ♡

  6. You look so happy, and adorable :)

  7. Thx for stopping by at my blog doll !
    i love your post !
    i wud love to follow each othr ! following you now. :)
    keep in touch.. *Hugs*

  8. hey there thanks for stopping by my blog.....u have a lovely blog n ur so talented :)
    yup lets follow each other....following u follow bak
    hope to c u soon

  9. blog - genialny !
    bacznie obserwuję i liczę na mały rewanż. ;)

    protezkaa.blogspot ;p

  10. That top is stunning on you! Same here, it's not much cooler but the days are definitely getting shorter!

    Alex xo

  11. You are ADORABLE! I love your outfit! :)

  12. you look so cheerful! love itt :)
    check out my blog too :)

  13. you look so chirpy and bubbly in photos mehek :)and you have got gorgeous hair :)


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