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Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Edition IX

Sometimes.. time just flies.. this is what happened with us this weekend... We had a long "to-do" list but somehow the weekend came and went and we did not do anything we wanted to from the list.. I mean we did do a lot but nothing from the list.. 

Lets see what we did this weekend...

Weekend started with dinner out on Friday.. This has become kind of a routine for us.. we hardly eat at home on Friday evenings..

Saturday morning started off with our favorite breakfast.. that included everything we wanted to eat.. so turns out it wasn't breakfast.. more of a brunch.. the fact being it was served at 12 p.m... yea we are lazy bums.. hah!! 

You might have seen this photo on instagram if you follow me.. you can @mehakmittal

Aww... he looks so cute!!!! :P

We ate our "BRUNCH" while watching Kung Fu Panda.. one of our favorite animated movies... 

Then it was time to get ready for a shopping spree with my bestest friend Yuthika.. it was a kinda girls day out... We were on a home improvement project.. and I am the acting Interior Designer... hahha.. Just Kidding..

 We were able to find some really interesting things for the best price ever.. There are still loads of things to buy and set up for which the list has already been prepared.. and things picked out.. only the purchasing part is left.. once the whole look comes together.. I am surely gonna be sharing it with you guys...

We had dinner at BJ's and hubby joined us there... 

We went to my friend's place to set up all the things we bought.. this is how they look as of yet!!

We fell in love with these cushions the moment we saw them.. and they were the last 2 left in the store!! yay!!

These curtains add a little Indian touch with the Peacock feathers!!

The light coming through make them look even more pretty!

We came back home, watched a bollywood movie.. "Lagaan".. after a long time..

Had pancakes as a late night snack!! 

Did I mention "CHOCOLATE CHIP" pancakes!!!

Of course you would think Sunday started off late.. well not that late.. we went out for brunch at 10.30... A Lavish brunch at that!!

This was just the beginning!!

Went to Michaels to pick up some DIY home decor stuff.. 

This is what I made..

Watched another Bollywood movie.. Sometimes I think we watch wayyy too many movies!! What do you guys think?? do we??

Had Tofu sandwiches for dinner...

But the list I talked about.. is still intact.. hope we'll pick it up next weekend...

So, What did you do this weekend!! 
Do you also make a list of things to do on the weekend or try to take the day as it comes...??


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  2. I love your blue pants, the food literally made me hungry.

    Great post,
    Xaimarys ♡

  3. All these food pics has just made my mouth water for some good food tonight! xx Pip

  4. Wow! This a lovely post! So many wonerful pictures ! <3 the blue pants and all the lovely food!

    Thank-you so much for stopping by my blog! :)) Ill be coming back to your blog very very often :))

  5. woah... a complete weekend, loads of fav food, movies and out wid your folks :)

    \m/ superb. Liked the peacock feather curtain a lot.

  6. Some really gorgeous weekend pictures!

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  7. Loved your DIY home accessories! Very pretty!

  8. I love reading your weekend posts...they are always fun!

  9. Great post!

    Love your outfit so much!!

    You look FABULOUS!

    Just stopped by your blog!
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  10. You look really cool. Sounds like a fun weekend, we didn't do much over the weekend - just movies and dinner Friday night and we slept in the rest of the weekend. The cushion and curtains are lovely, and the food - yummy, makes me hungry...


  11. Looks like such a lovely weekend! Great pics :)

    Alex xo

  12. nice pics for the house, Mehak! OMG n i hav those curtains with the wavy pattern too! mine is in green color - got them from BBB :) our choice is similar now i can safely say that :D
    love ur outfit pics, esp the lilac/pink n cobalt blue combo!

  13. Great weeekend mix of photos ! it seems You had a lot of fun :))) love the top from first pic - gorgeous colour <3 ...would You like to follow each other ? just let me know :)


  14. this photos are really optimistic!
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  15. Your blog is awesome! I'm your new follower.
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