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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A very Happy New Year!!!!

Wishing all you lovely people.. A very Happy New Year!!
As the new year enters into the teens.. The 2012 "scare/hype" is finally over!! ( not that I was afraid or anything... Lolzz). Its time to rejoice and make the most of it!! Its time to take control over life and make some changes... I know you guys must be thinking not another one with the whole list of changes to make with no outcome!! Well at least I can try!! Last year I did manage to complete half of my resolutions and that's a big leap for me cause I've never completed any resolution in my life!! Yea.. I am that kind!!! But this year I am keeping my resolutions or the promises I make to myself simple and doable!!

I know most of us completely forget about our resolutions the second day and because of that I have decided to be accountable for it by posting it on my blog!!! So dat I know I have to do it... Making list is a bad hobby of mine!! But it surely keeps me on track!!!

The things I've promised myself I'll be doing this year includes :

1. Cook more... Lately I've been eating out a lot and it takes a toll on my health.. So, with the little skill I have, I have decided to cook more at home!!!
2. Host more parties and get-togethers at my place.. Living in a small apartment I generally feel there is not enough space for parties but I want to host more get togethers with friends as my family lives in India.. And they are the family I have here!!
3. Remember more Birthdays... I know I know... M not very good at remembering birthdays!!! I generally remember it by seeing all the wishes on fb!! But this year I wanna make a point I remember more! You guys must be thinking why don't you put a reminder somewhere.. I've done that but to no use!! If I don't call or msg the person I forget.. So its time to put the brain on work!!
4. Read 15 new books!! Last year I had to read 12 books and I managed to read 11..  But that did not include some of the books I read before March!! So this year I've increased the number.. It keeps me sharp!
5. Restyle my current wardrobe! I wanna create more styles from my current wardrobe rather than making purchases and stuffing my closet!!
6. Be fit, exercise regularly, eat healthy and try to help my family hop on the same wagon!! Well I have been trying for an year now... And have definitely seen a lot of changes!!
7. Learn Tai Chi!! Have been intrigued by it a lot and now I wanna learn it!!!
8. Go for more hikes.. Last year we planned to go on at least one hike every month but ended up going for just 3-4 in a year!! Time to pick it up again!!
9. Start my own vegetable garden! Have been thinking about it!! But never got around to do it!!
10. Lastly, I actually wanna complete everything on my list!!

Sorry for boring you with my list!! Do you have a list for this year??? Wanna join me in any of the above resolutions?? Feel free to comment below!! 


  1. your lists are interesting..i just have few in my mind. happy new year love. :-)


  2. Feliz año!!!!! esperemos que lo mejor del 2012 sea lo peor del 2013 besicosssss

  3. Happy New Year to you as well, and good luck with the resolutions for New Year!


  4. Happy New Year! I think you have a great list of resolutions and the entertaining is always fun.

  5. Happy new year to you too! Keep posting!

  6. Happy new year Mehak, you are looking smashing!

  7. Happy new year !!!
    I want to read around ten books this year.I want to develop more interest in reading books.
    I really liked your list.


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