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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks!!

I know it's Thanksgiving and most of you must be celebrating it with your families,loved ones and friends....

Being away from home I do miss my family and my friends back in India but over the past 2 years I've made a family of my on here.. with some lovely friends and cousins who might live a miles away but are still connected!!

This Thanksgiving we are celebrating with my sister (cousin) (Nidhi and Munish Jiju).. who just moved to the west coast and I couldn't have been happier as she is just 5 hrs away from us and we can visit them whenever we want to.. Play with my niece and nephew (Rohan and Disha) whom I love and miss dearly!!!

But before we start the celebrations and eating huge amounts of food... Me and Hubby decided to do this post together by being thankful for a number of things this year :


  • Our wonderful friends (Yuthika and Barun) for being there for us always.

  • We would like to thank Arthur Murray Studios for introducing us to one of the most fun hobbies: Ballroom dancing.


  • We are most thankful for tablets and smart phones which our parents have finally adapted to...
  • For skype so that we can connect to our family everyday.
  • For whatsapp which made messaging and sharing pics with our family and friends sooooo much easier.
  • For Instagram which gave me new wings to show my photography talent and make new friends.
  • For the blogging world for keeping me up to date with the fashion world and giving me a new platform to share my thoughts with the world and for helping me meet like minded people I can connect to and for the amazing friendships.
  • For Google making the world searchable, accessible or Googlable.
  • For Youtube for making POP pilates, yoga videos and all kinds of workouts available at the comfort of your home.
  • For Netflix for hours and hours of in home entertainment.
  • For Pinterest giving us access and ideas for absolutely anything.
  • For Groupon that saved us money and introduced us to Ball Room Dancing, Yoga classes, Paint Ball, Trampoline arenas and lots and lots of yummy places to have gourmet food.       
  • Birtchbox for sending me samples of brands I would have never heard off let alone trying.
And the last but the most important...

  • We are thankful to our parents for giving us a good education and helping us become who we are today. 
  • For being a strong support our entire life and source of inspiration and motivation. 
  • For providing for us and teaching us valuable lessons for life. 
  • We are thankful to our brothers for being our best friends even though we sometimes ignore their advise ;) (e.g. getting my hair cut. Sorry Suki ;)).
  • We are thankful to our grandparents for teaching us some useful skills such as knitting and for all the 'masalas', 'chutneys' and all kinds of yummy stuff.
Thank you God for a beautiful home, a wonderful family, amazing friends and filling our lives with laughter and happiness. This is all one could ever ask for....

What are you thankful for today... ??? !!!


  1. happy thanksgiving!!!
    i hope u r havin a great time with your loved ones,

  2. happy thanksgiving! May you have more and more to be thankful for!

  3. mehak, thats such an awesome post idea! and he last pic is just WOW!

  4. Loved reading what you were thankful for! Hope you had a great holiday!

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  5. Thanks for being in my life too! :)


  6. Your blog is really inspiring, I'm following you now !! :))


  7. love the post..! Nice penned. U look stunning in a saree.
    following u now.



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