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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Review 7 : The Clocks

My Book Review for July..

Title : The Clocks
Author : Agatha Christie
Published by : Berkley
Type : Mystery / Detective Novel
Genre : Fiction
Pages : 257

My Review

First of all, i would start by saying that I have heard a lot about Agatha Christie's novels, so I had to read one.. and this became my first... Lets get on with the review...

Shiela Webb, A typist for hire working for the Cavendish Bureau is specifically requested for a job at Wilbraham Crescent.. following the instructions given to her, she gets into the house, where she is absolutely shocked and dumbfounded to find a decently dressed man dead on the floor, or rather murdered!! She runs out of the house screaming and bumps into Colin Lamb ( the "hero" of the novel), who happens to be a spy.

Here comes the twists when Detective Inspector Hardcastle who is working on the case finds out :
1. the dead guy has no way of identification
2. the owner of the house Mrs. Pebmarsh is blind and had not called/ requested  for any typist services
3. There are 5 clocks in the room where the body was found and 4 of them showed the time 4.13
4. To give it a more twist these clocks did not belong to Mrs. Pebmarsh

The novel started out strong with a complex mystery murder and introduction of the characters but lost its momentum as for a number of chapters there was no development.. Till there is another murder and introduction of the most interesting character of the book "Hercule Poirot"..

The book is written by narrator aspect and Colin Lamb's aspect..
All in all I did not find the book very interesting.. in the end I felt as if all the characters who were working on the case are presented as "fools" (sorry for being harsh) as they had no clue what was going on and the whole case was solved by Hercule Poirot. The end was overwhelming with a lot of "revealing" and "solving" all at one time!!

I am still not giving up on Agatha Christie and will definitely be picking up another book by her.. I also found out there is a TV series on this novel which now I really wanna watch.. By reading more about it I also got to know that it was one of the "newer" works of her and the old ones are more interesting.. So I'll definitely be picking one of her books again...

If you've read any of her book you found interesting.. Please do suggest...

P.S. : Next up : Another Outfit Post

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  1. I would LOVE to follow each other! DONE! I'm number 48 over there!!! :)

    1. Thank you so much for the love!! :)

  2. sounds like a good read, I've not read any books from agatha christie can you believe that?

    1. Well i did not like it that much but I've heard so much about her books and I think you should give it a read!!

  3. I already read all Agatha Christie's books and I loooove them

    1. That's great.. may be i can get a recommendation... :)

  4. Sounds an interesting plot,will check this one out on ur recommendation. Thanks for ur comment,already added myself to ur followers,hope u'll do the same.

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  6. I love Agatha Christie but clocks wasn't my fav!!! do check out other books from her specially Poirot series.

  7. thanks for the love honey, i'm following you now :)

  8. I'm so sorry to hear that you did not quite liked it but let me tell you, I'm a sucker for detective novels and Agatha Christie happens to be one of my favorite author! But, then again, I have not read the Clocks yet,though I can suggest some other Hercule Poirot novels. Currently I'm reading Death in the Clouds. If you want you can read some of the following:
    The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (my first ever Agatha Christie when I was in 7th or 8th grade, and I was mesmerized!)
    Murder on the Orient Express
    Death on the Nile
    Evil Under the Sun etc. For me, I like all Hercule Poirots and read almost all of them, barring a couple!
    I've also read a couple Miss Marple and liked them too!
    Hope it helps!

    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  9. Thank you for your comment :)
    I enjoy(ed) Agatha Christie Books growing up. My favorite one is Murder on the Orient Express!

  10. Sounds like a great read!

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  11. hey enjoyed ur review Mehak!
    btw, you have just been presented with the *drum roll* Sunshine Blogger Award!!
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