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Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Edition V

Time for yet another Weekend Recap!!
But before that, I would like to thank all my readers for stopping by and giving me suggestions and tips for my outfit and blog!! I really appreciate it...
I took the advice of one of my readers and changed the look of the blog "a bit".. M still trying to put in some more additions , once I am satisfied with how they look...

Getting on with the weekend..

Well, this weekend was all about relaxing, we have been up and about for the past one month or may be more than that.. so, we took the much deserved break.. you know the ones that involve lying on the couch all day munching on "not-so" goodies, watching movies one after the other.. To tell you the truth.. I do regret eating those "not-so" goodies now...

Anyways.. Here is my weekend in pictures.. You must have seen most of them if you follow me on instagram.. If you want to can @mehakmittal

My Brother left for India this friday!! I was feelin' a bit sad..So, hubby cheered me up with an ice cream party!! Yay!!
Saturday morning... Hubby was fast asleep.. So, this is what I did ::

 1. Watched my favorite Cartoons... I Know m a kid at heart!!

2. Painted my toes.. mint and grey!!

 3. Listened to light music while reading and "completing" another book and drinking my favorite cinnamon coffee!!

So, you wanna know why hubby got up so late... He was playing games and eating chocolate.. while i was asleep ... I found chocolate on his specs.. Can you believe it.. how did chocolate get on his specs?? Wierd!! (that tiny speck on the top center to right on the glass)

After the ice cream party i had to got to the gym.. but I guess I burned less than i ate.. So guilty!!

Saturday evening was a movie marathon, watching one and recording the other.. and then watching the other and putting a reminder for the next one.. So, we watched Indiana Jones, National treasure, Spideman 3, Step up, Blind side... wow... that's too many right... for 2 days!!

Sunday morning we went to the new farmer's market that opened up walking distance from home.. The veggies were sooo fresh!!!

 There were these lovely flowers too... all kinds of beautiful colors... i couldn't resist and got some for decorating home too....

 Lillies in my living room...  Waiting for them to bloom...

Hubby enjoying his Coffee in the "geek' mug!!! He's looking like one too.. right!! :P

Had a nice indian dinner with a big dollop of Mango Chutney YUMMMM

 Got myself an easel to start off with my second biggest painting!! It will take some time to make....

And yes, I've already started off with another book!! 

So what did you do on your weekend??

Linking up with Still being Molly for the YOLO monday link ups.. do check out her blog!! :)

P.S. : Next post : Book Review : Agatha Christie's The Clocks!


  1. Love the color of your toes!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

    P.S. I'm having an INTERNATIONAL $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don't forget to enter! :)
    A's Fashion Files
    $75 Shopbop Giveaway!

  2. I went to watch Dark Knight Rises (Batman) during the weekend, it was pretty good :)
    lovely colour on your nails too, very sweet:)
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. I definitely need to watch some sat cartoons! It brings back some fond memories.

  4. looks like you got lil 'me' time for yourself :) watching tv and painting nails is usually when I feel relaxed the most..
    I watched dark knight rises over the weekend, u shud see it if u havent yet
    new post up

    P.S.: i like this blog design better, only 'cause your pictures are displayed against a good contrast background. plus the background picture is soothing to the eyes.

  5. Lovely snapshots! We had a lazy weekend, a little shopping , some great food and good tv!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  6. oh yum! Ice Cream Party!!!!

    Thanks for YOLOing with us!


  7. I loved how u recapped ur weekend with pictures.Those are some fun ways to spend it,really inspired,and its been ages I watched Tom & Jerry.Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !maybe we can follow each other?Let me know.

  8. What a sweet hubby - ice cream parties are the best.. and I really love that geek mug - too fun!


  9. Very nice pictures Mehak..I like the cup your husband is holdinmg..pretty toes :)

  10. I LOOOOVEEEE farmer's market flowers! And the produce too, but the bouquets are irresistible!!!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend... Ice cream party ? Awesomeeee :D
    What r u reading now? :)

  12. that sounds like a good weekend :) :)
    would love to see your painting when its ready :)

  13. hahaha chocolate specs! hilarious! and an ice cream party sounds pretty awesome to me! :) thanks SO SO SO much for linking up for #yolomondays! you rock, mehak!! hope to see you back again tomorrow!!


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