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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday : Weekend Edition IV

It's been a while since I've posted a weekend edition.. To be true I haven't been around lately.. roaming around in the wilderness.. which was AWESOME!!

This weekend.. we had to take an impromptu road trip (again) to Reno, Nevada.. So hubby calls at 10 a.m. on Friday and tells me we are leaving at 6 in the evening and it might take two days.. so, pack accordingly.. I left everything I was doing and started making a list of things that we would need and whether we had it or not.. plus thought of something easy to make for dinner, that we could eat before leaving or take it with us..

At exact 6 we left for another road trip, although it was an 8 hr drive it did not seem as if it was a long trip after the last road trip we took.. but we had still not recovered from the tiredness of the last trip and we started to feel it at about 2 in the night and so we started looking for a rest stop.. Can you believe it we couldn't get a place till 4.. There was either NO VACANCY or We were driving through a National forest.. Finally we got a place and straightaway went to sleep to wake up at 9 even more tired.. have no idea why.. Especially me.. I just wanted to curl up on the bed and sleep.. sleep.. sleep.. anyway we had some work to do.. So, we headed on to Reno to visit hubby's bro.. we all had a lovely breakfast, took care of the work and headed back another long 8 hr drive.. exhausting.. took a break for dinner, good long 45 minutes break... then back in the car!!.. Straight to home sweet home this time... The thought of home never seemed so good and tempting as it did at that hour!!

Well, a nice refreshing sleep and long hot shower.. Sunday was perfect with a lot of lazy times with hubby and talks with bro.. it was just perfect..

Here, it is my weekend in some pics...

Having Breakfast!!

The Presidential Campaign Photograph!! Haha!!


Hi Ducky!! :)

This is a place where lots of weddings take place!! We had to take a pic!! :P

My Yummy Breakfast!! "Nature's Bonanza"

This is what I saw when I entered Hubby's brother's home.. Big Ass Watermelon sitting on the chair!! LOLZZ

How U Doin' ??

Hope you have a great week!!! :) :)

Linking up with the weekend file and lisa leonard blog this monday!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the lovely pictures , You are looking lovely as usual!
    Have a nice day ,

  2. Sounds like a great time! I love spontaneous trips- they're usually the most fun! Thank you so much for linking up for the blog hop. We were so happy to have you!

  3. Sounds like a hectic trip but I'm sure you all had a great time! Some trip is better than no trip!! Lovely pics and a yummy breakfast!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  4. i liked the way u described ur trip, very enticing. n i can imagine u must be very tired. love ur printed yellow top, cheerful!

  5. hey ya we stayed at Vivanta and ya goa was lovely
    love the cheery yellow top

  6. looks like a great {somewhat exhausting} weekend! ;)

  7. Looks like you had a great weekend! That fruit looks yummy!

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    A's Fashion Files
    $75 Shopbop Giveaway!

  8. Cute! Seems like perfect summer moments.

    Alexandra xo

  9. Wow, what a fun idea for a quick weekend trip! I am not a person who usually can works on a whim, but I love that you had a good time!

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