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Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Edition VII

 This weekend was all about one activity and the rest just revolved around it....

Our friends decided to take up a little DIY project to amp up their place and we (me and hubby) jumped right in to lend a hand!! We love DIY projects.. and love getting our hands dirty.. well in this case hands, clothes , legs, faces and what not!! 

Playing with color is kinda my job as you all must have known by now... if not check out my art blog and you will come to know for sure... This became kind of an opportunity for me to paint on a bigger canvas... THE WALL or should I say walls... and it was soooo fun!!!

Right from selecting the color to putting on the masking tape and laying down the carpet mask to painting the walls with the brush and finishing with the rollers.. If you have never done it .. you should definitely try.. 

Warning : There will be a burst of Orange here!!! 

Friday Evening started off with a dinner at Souplantation...

Yummy!! :)

Saturday Morning Breakfast :

Hubby couldn't wait for me to snap a pic!! So I had to take a pic while he took a sip of his chocolate milk!! 

My Breakfast : I Love Peaches!! :)

The work begins , Masking the carpet!! Already covered the sofa!!

This little guy wanted to have some painting fun too.... :) He's gonna be an artist like me!! Did you see those firm brush strokes??

Edges are done.. working on the sides!!

Towards completion!!

Final touches!!

Couldn't help posing!! :P
Bright Orange!!

Preparation for the second room!!

Initial masking and edges for the second room done!!

How does it look!!

Time for tea/wine.... 

Me to Hubby : How do you manage to find new places to throw your clothes everytime??
Hubby : I see this house as a canvas and try to paint it with the color of my clothes!!
Me : HUH????

This was pretty much what we did this weekend.. It took it out of us.. We slept at 2 on Saturday, at least I did.. I was so tired I din't know where I was once I was on my bed.. but hubby was still in that state of restlessness and couldn't sleep..of course I gotta know about it when I got up and saw the pate he ate the grilled cheese sandwich in and the empty vintage cola bottle.. and smiled... :) :) When I told him he should have woken me up.. He innocently made the sweetest face and said I just didn't wanna wake u up.. awww... he looked so cute!! :P :P

Well, he slept at 6 in the morning.. so we started second coating the wall a little late.. but we did complete it on time!!!

How does it look?? Can we call ourselves professionals now??

What did you do this weekend?? Are you thinking of taking up some DIY projects???

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  1. it was so much funnnn... thanku guys for ur help....we know that we can count on u guys anytime....the bestest friends.. :):)

  2. I love love love the colours!! Such a great red!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. what a lovely mix of pictures!a little bit of everything...:)
    thank you for your lovely comment, sure we can follow each other. added you.

  4. You've just made me realize how much I miss soupplantation!!
    A's Fashion Files

  5. Love those colors ! At present, I live in a rented house so I am not allowed to choose my own colors but if I got an opportunity, I would paint my walls in either all white or sky blue or lime green-these are my fav wall colors :)) But you know what, I paint and repaint my own furniture { book shelf, cupboard, study table , etc.}-in white of course !
    We share a similar interest in Art. You can check my artwork under the label "my artwork" in my blog's right sidebar.
    I headed over to your art blog right now and loved everything that I saw. Your art work is intense and sensitive. Keep up the good work. I am so busy these days, I am not getting time to pick up my brushes,but I feel like starting a new art project very soon. I love to paint. Glad to now that we have so much in common, we both have a creative soul.
    have a nice day!

  6. Hi! Sure, I wanna follow each other! Follow me and send me your link on and I will follow you back immediately. :)


  7. wow, the bright orange looks great! we did a DIY project - wall paint n stenciling in our apt when we had newly moved here. doing an accent wall felt like an achievement, love the outcome of your 'mehnat' :)

  8. Beautiful home! love the pop of orange in the walls! great job!

  9. Those bright orange walls look amazing! I have never painted walls before- I'm just worried that it'll trigger up my dust/pollen allergy, but the hubby did, with his uncle!!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  10. AWESOME color pick! awesome!!!!

  11. Thanks for the was fun :)
    I love painting (not as good as you) and diy projects!

  12. great photos! followed you, hope you can follow back!

  13. Ah that orange shade is stunning! Such a great, unique paint colour.

    Alexandra xo

  14. That is so awesome you guys did all yourself. Love the orange shade. Great DIY :)
    New post up.


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