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Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Edition VIII

This weekend was a mix of both total relaxation and a whole lot of fun!!!

Saturday morning was lazy.. and hubby caught on with his long lost sleep... hah...

We got up and went to the gym.. A great start to a great weekend...

Hubby had a yummy breakfast with chocolate chip waffles and left over Pizza cut up in small slices..

I as usual had a healthy one.. If you haven't tried Sprout's Apple n cinnamon bread.. you definitely should... It is yumm.. just 60 cal per slice, no fat and tastes like cake ( well with less amount of sugar) go find a Sprout's Farmer's Market near you...

Got ready for a long awaited trip to Costco.. to get our essentials

This is what I wore..

What I wore :  Top : American Eagle , Shorts : Levi's, Shoes : from India
My Accessories : Bag : Mango; Bracelets : India and Forever 21, Watch : Fossil

Matching shoes and accessories..

Stopped at Indian grocery store.. You should always have your lunch before you head on to an indian store.. otherwise you end up buying and eating this...My favorite.. Besan ke ladoo... as well as Gol gappas (paani puri) and samosas.. We finished it up before I could take pics...

Saturday evening was planned with friends for Bowling... Actually it's hubby's birthday on the 28th and  I wanted to throw him a surprise party with friends which would not have been possible on a Tuesday, so Saturday it was...

Here is what I wore and how hubby looked...

What I'm wearing : Dress : Forever 21; Shoes : Charlotte Russe
My Accessories : Earrings : INPINK, Bracelets : India and Forver21; Watch : Fossil

We had loads of fun, yummy Tiramisu cake and 2 hours of non stop bowling fun.. especially wen the "Cosmic Bowling" started..

The Birthday boy glows.. :P

Glow in the dark.. My bracelet and Yuthika's Watch!!

This liitle guy said NO to the granola bar but wanted to eat the whole cake!!

Dinner at Chilli's...


Sunday morning started with hubby playing his XBOX 360 when I woke up..

Gym time.. this time interval training

A yummmyyy breakfast

A very relaxing sunday with me painting and watching movies with hubby..

We watched 3 movies... Captain America, Thor and Hellboy..
We were trying to find connections between Captain America and Thor that led to Avengers.. Do you know the connections yet??

The Painting I did is on my art blog now.. You can view them by clickin on my art blog button on your right!!

Lemme know if you like it!!!


  1. Great photos, hope you have an amazing day!

  2. those waffles look delicious and i love your purple dress!
    my sister's name is jill (for the jubilee show)! i think her last show is at the end of september, so if you visit before then, make sure to say hi!

  3. I have that same floral top you wore to Costco! We do NOT have a Costco here. Jealous.

  4. Love the dress and idea about giving surprise!

  5. What a great birthday celebration! The cosmic bowling looked like fun and the cake looked so delicious :)

  6. I love the purple dress - it's so cute and you look great! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  7. Mehak, you are looking beautiful in these outfits. I love your American eagle top, its so cute, I love the print and I would wear it if I had one. Your blue dress is simple yet so so chic, loving its color and cut. I also love your friend's yellow scarf,its so vibrant.
    I also want to tell you that I checked out your latest painting in the other blog, I love both of them. The pattern mixing that you did, created wonderful results. You love to paint seascapes , I love to paint landscapes ! I am also doing a watercolor art, which I might upload in my next post, hopefully :)

    Wishing a belated Happy Birthday to your Hubby !

    have a great day,

  8. I love that purple dress on u mehak, and my god,I just checked out ur art blog and truly enthralled by what u paint ! Pat ,Pat ! And yes - A belated Happy Birthday to ur hubby ! can I have some cake too ? haha

  9. That seems like a fun week end and happy birthday to your hubby! Love the purple dress on you, Mehak and the bracelets are super cute too!
    uneli from Fashionably Yours


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