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Thursday, November 8, 2012


It feels like ages I've posted anything.. and you all may (or may not) be thinking where did I go all of a sudden..
Did I abandon my blog so soon..
Will I ever come back??

First of all "NO" I did not abandon my blog and "YES" I am back!!

My laptop is dead.. and I really mean it.. It's completely dead and therefore, I am not able to post anything.. or even do any of my daily work (which mainly consists of reading all your blog posts, surfing for new discounts and events and wasting my time or may be utilizing it on pinterest!.. but I love doing it)
It died without giving any warning.. and all the posts I had planned but did not put in queue could not be published!!

How am I posting now.. Well I borrowed my Hubby's "Official" laptop for my "Official" work!! hah!!

A lot took place in the last month or so.. starting from a number of Indian looks to a whole new hair do.. (you might be knowing about it if you follow me on instagram.. do you?? no?? well you can @mehakmittal)

I want to share all the things with you and will be doing so in the coming days!!
There is so much to share.. but I am going to take it slow...

Stay tuned for more....

:) :)

P.S Next up : My Garba- Dandiya Night look!!


  1. So looking forward to the next post :) Keep blogging.. yayy!!

  2. Hi,,,, welcome back :-) would look forward to view other detailed posts and photographs...

    Meanwhile a new post is up on my blog:

    Love <3
    Tanuja :)

  3. I think u rocked the Instagram version of ur presence and lot of cooking ideas, though I wld alwayz miss ur words on the same !

  4. Thanks,for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on gfc...

  5. Glad you're not gone forever! Hope you get your computer fixed soon!

  6. so sorry to hear about the dead laptop! looking fwd to your ethnic wear posts!
    and wishing you a very Happy Diwali in advance!!


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