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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Surprise part 4

The last leg in the series "Surprise"

After shocking both my "mums" with my sudden arrival to India.. It was time to meet papa.. We ended up reaching his office. Mum called him "casually" asking if he could come downstairs as she had something ( or someone!hah!) to show him.. All excited I hid behind a pillar and as soon as he came downstairs I surprised him... There was another round of laughter and loud chatter before he headed back to work only to take leave early and spend time with me.. so in the meanwhile we decided to go to my grandparent's and uncle's place.. so, we hopped into the car. They live about 30 mins outside the city. All the way there, we had loads of fun, I told them how we planned the trip, the surprise...

When we reached.. my cousin,Uncle's daughter was in her room.. I quietly opened the door and said "SURPRISE".. her expression... "OH! MY GOD" "YOU??".. hahaha... It was hilarious.. Wish I took a photograph of the expression..

As for my grandparents.. they were taking their afternoon nap.. I came close to my grandma and said "dadi" (grandma) in hushed tones.. she woke up shocked, confused, rubbing her eyes trying to believe it was me.. and not a dream.. Grandpa also woke up.. I hugged them both.. It felt so good.. I love my grandparents...

We all had lunch together.. talked about my life here in the U.S. I felt like the happiest girl on earth....

So this was my surprise story.. do you have such a story.. do share...

P.S. Will be coming up with a lot of outfit posts (including indian wear) and I will be starting a fitness section soon....


  1. Wow, that sounds so much fun! I want to surprize my family this way some day!! BTW, thanks for your sweet comment. I did the sock bun for my hair. A blogger fried shared the video tutorial- it is super easy- here is the link!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

    1. You definitely should!! Its so much fun!! Thanks for sharing!! Will definitely try it soon...

  2. Wow.. that's so sweet!! Surprising is something I always do to loved ones. Have a nice trip and post indian wear soon! :)
    Thanks for your comments on my blog! Means a lot!

  3. Wow..What an awesome surprise.It must have been priceless looking at their expressions :) Having already informed my India trip dates to my parents and in-laws, I am hitting myself for bot having thought of surprising them..Oh well..Next time :)

    1. It really was priceless!!! When r u leaving for India??


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