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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Review : Remember me?

Book Review for May

Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella

Remember me? is a story about a twenty eight years old Lexi Smart who wakes up one morning to find out she is in a hospital with a head injury, thinking that she fell down on slippery stairs while running to get a cab for her and her friends outside a pub in 2004. Only to realize that she is suffering from amnesia and its 2007. The three years of her life from 2004-2007 has been completely wiped off. She has a completely different life from the one she remembers.. She no longer has frizzy hair, an underpaid job and nobody calls her "snaggletooth" anymore. She's rich, has a great job, she has a toned up body, great hair and to top that married to a multibillionaire with dashing looks.. but wait a good looking boyfriend too..

Trying to piece together her life she lost, the book covers the emotions and adventures of Lexi in a funny and clever way.Lexi has been potrayed as a women every chick lit heroine has a love-hate relationship with. The book keeps you engaged as to what did she come to know next.. and keeps you looking for more.

It's a lighthearted quick read with simple to understand language. The idea behind the book is interesting and thought provoking. The characters are well written, may be, keeping a movie in mind.

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  1. Hy Mehak,
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