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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1st blogiversary !!!!!

Its been 1 year... Can you believe it... Time flies... I started this blog as a platform to express myself and log the adventures of  my new life in US. And it has become a part of me now...
This blog opened up so many opportunities for me to express myself. It opened me to an entirely new world which i have come to absolutely love now. I met and made so many wonderful friends in this past year and because of your love and support, I am able to express myself freely...

I realized a few days ago that my blog is coming up for its 1st blogiversary and thought it was time to jazz things up a bit. As you would have noticed (or not) I did give my blog a complete makeover a couple of days ago. I am also planning to add a few new sections so don't forget to check back in a few days.
I will also be introducing a new member to my blog. It will be a good refreshing change.

Don't worry... The old sections that you love will still be there... But we will add a few more....

Here are the main highlights from the past year....

Thanks again for all the love and support... And I hope you'll keep coming back for more...


  1. nice post....and happy blogiversary:)

  2. Happy 1 year anniversary! Mine's coming up to :)

  3. Congratulations! <3

    - A.

  4. That was a nice post. I enjoyed reading it. I have been following ur blog for quite some time now and it turns out I love reading your random posts. :)

    Don't mean to spam but I was wondering if you would like to check my teeny blog. Do follow if u like what u see! <3

  5. Congratzzz on completing one year.

  6. Nice pictures lady.. and a Big Congratulations! The blog makeover looks very good.. And what's up with that new member surprise??.. curious! **rolling eyes**

  7. Happy blogiversary! Such a great milestone to hit :)

    Alexandra xo

  8. Happy anniversary!!

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    Have a nice day!


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