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Friday, March 23, 2012

Book Review : Sense and Sensibility

This is my first book review for the BBC 2012...

Jane Austen's Sense and sensibility..

Being Austen's first published books.. It portrays her brilliant talent in displaying the lives of two daughters Elinor and Marriane Dashwood.. who after the death of their father are left with liitle money and no home.. The property of Norland is being inherited by his eldest son who has no say of his mind in front of his wife. Fanny( his wife) is not very fond of the fact that John wanted to fulfill his dying father's wish of helping his sister's and convinces him to think about himself and his requirements first!!

The house is soon taken over by John and Fanny and the three daughters( Elinor, Marriane and Margaret) and their mother are forced to look for a house elsewhere. In the mean time Fanny's brother (Edward) comes to stay with them on his way from Plymouth. Elinor, the eldest of the daughters, a down to earth and sensible girl becomes really fond of Edward..But being practical enough to know that she had no chance with him, moves on with her life to live in a cottage in Devonshire which was given to them by one of the relatives of  Mrs. Dashwood and suited their little amount of money.. The Dashwood's were welcomed cheerfully and both Elinor and her sister Marriane wins over the hearts of people in Barton Park (Devonshire).Marriane soon attracts two handsome gentlemen, Colonel Brandon and Willoughby. During their lavish parties Marriane falls in love with Willoughby and does not restrain herself from expressing her love for him in front of other people unlike her sister Elinor.

The story then dictates the events of their lives which takes a turn when right on the peak of love between Willoughby and Marriane, Willoughby leaves her and goes to London, and she does not hear anything of him. On the other side Elinor comes to know about Edward's engagement with a women for the past 5 years and is heartbroken.. The reaction of both the sister's to the situations presented in front of them are vastly different. Marriane is devastated when she comes to know that Willoughby s marrying another women but Elinor keeps her composure and tries to deal with the situation.

All in all, the novel is about two sisters, who struggle to find love, however different be their nature and their approach to it.. It portrays the love that the sisters share among them and how they handle all the situations that arise during this course with the help of each other.. It is their road to finding long lasting love..

This is my first ever review of a book and might not be really good.. But I hope to get better in time.. I did watch the movie starring Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant among others..

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