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Monday, March 12, 2012

Movie Time..

Saturday was another fun filled day.. me and hubby went for the screening of Disney's John Carter.. that means waking up early and being in the line for a free movie..

 To be honest we weren't very excited about the movie, all because of the reviews of the critics and the bad press.. being an adaptation of a 1917 Edgar Rice Burroughs novel.. with a mix of old century sci-fi action and alien creatures.. 

The story is set in 19th century Arizona territories in the post civil war America, which then mysteriously takes a turn and lands John Carter the "hero" of the movie onto a strange planet  "Barsoom", here the adventures become more exciting and the movie becomes more gripping... All the characters of the movie were clear in their roles.. 

The stunning princess (Lynn Collins), the large blue tongued dog, the tharks (four armed aliens with horns on their chins) and none the less John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) were very convincing...
The special effects in the movie are right on..  It makes you escape into a different world.. and if you can, do watch the 3D version... 

I am not revealing the story or telling you any further about it.. Find it out for yourself.. 

 Our first reviews of the movie were.. "It was so awesome, I wanna watch it again.. Will they make a second part".. (well there was even a discussion about whether they will or will not make a second part)

 I guess that explains it all.. doesn't it..


You will come to know why there is a M in the JCM....

P.S. A new outfit post coming up next.. :)


  1. interesting! neither me nor my husband are really that interested in seeing it either. but we felt that way about avatar and ended up LOVING that movie! but based on what you said we may just have to see it. thanks for sharing!


  2. You have to see it.. the bad press is ruining it all for the people!!!


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