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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Cleaning.. At 6.30 A.M.????

I've been meaning to clean out my closet for spring, but  I had no idea it would happen this way... We got up this morning to find a pool of water right outside my closet.. Puzzled .. we tried to look for the source of the leak and luckily it wasn't in our apartment..
But where was the water coming from... and why was there flooding in our apartment???

 Hubby went out to inquire.. In the mean time I started taking out all the clothes from my closet.. only to realize that it's time.... time for spring cleaning!!! giving my closet some fresh air to breathe... :) :)

Well for the leak part :

Right next to our apartment is the mechanical room for our complex and there was a leak in the boiler... He could hear the water running inside the room. We called for maintenance and well they were here in less than 15 mins. I know, they are fast....

Well they ripped the carpet off, my closet door is history and there's an annoying fan running in my apartment.

But a couple of good things did happen....

1. I got to have breakfast with my hubby on a weekday.. coz he leaves at 6 everyday... *sigh*
2. I found some hidden treasures in my closet ( some forgotten dresses)
3. I'll finally get to arrange all my new shopping that I did recently. yay!!

So this was a really happening morning for me... What about you?? How did you start your day??

P.S. : Today's post was supposed to be an outfit post.. but something more interesting came up : P
 So lookout for another outfit post tomorrow...


  1. awe that sounds like such a fun morning!

    xo Nav

    1. Yea it really was!! So much happening all around!!

      Thank you sop much for stopping by!!! :)

  2. Wow!
    That's so early for cleaning.
    You have so much energy. Go girl!

    Come visit my blog, let me know how you like it
    and can we follow each other on GFC?

    1. Heyy.. Thank u.... I loved your blog and I am following you on GFC.. hope you'll follow me too..

  3. P.S. Thank you darling!
    I'm now following you back on GFC; #4 follower.
    Hope to see you again on my blog.

  4. I hope the leakage is fixed..Such a bother:-(, but great that you could organize the closet!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. Yup its fixed!! Thank u so much for the concern!! :) :)

  5. Love that cardigan with the hearts on it.. do you remember where you got it?

    1. Yup!! I got it from forever21 the first time i went shopping in US!! :)


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