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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy Day Saturday...

Its always bright and sunny here in L.A. but when you wanna go out and have some fun time with hubby.. clouds hog the skies and it starts raining!! But does it dampen our spirits.. No Sir!! It Doesn't..

 We had planned a nice outing for ourselves but the rain prevented us from going outside.. so we went to the mall.. to check out some new sales that were up!!

I wore my comfy shoes and a light jacket to keep me away from the chill in the air.. Paired it up with a neon orange top to keep the mood of spring...

I enjoyed every moment at the mall.. not only shopping but looking around and seeing people in their newest outfits and spring colors... :) It made me feel happy and sunny inside!! :)

My comfy Skechers.. Love the satin laces on it!! :)

I did add a dash of green with by cross-body fossil bag to celebrate St. Patty's Day.. It kept me from getting pinched!! Hah!! :)

Late evening we had a fun party at one of our friends house.. With every one enjoying a hearty conversation about India.. discussing their day and of course Food!!! All in all  it was a completely fun day!! 

I just realised I am wearing the colors of our Indian Flag!! :)


  1. lovely blog!!!!

  2. I like the orange pop.. it made you stand out.
    I enjoy having party with friends too! It's so much fun.
    Actually, my friends and I are going to have a party this

    1. Thank u.. :)
      Me too.. I hope you too had loads of fun!!

  3. love the outfit, cute and simple!

  4. love the outfit...specially that cross body green bag !:)


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