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Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Edition III

It's time for another Weekend Edition..

The weekend had a great start, with a movie, Men in Black. Well, IMDB has given a low rating for its newest sequel, however, we, the 3 musketeers : Me, hubby and brother liked the movie, it has those Will Smith funny moments as well as serious ones.. it did have some "yucky" ones too.. especially with those alien type creatures "ooozing" out stuff.. haha.. you made that face right.. the ewww one.. haha.. well we still enjoyed it!!

/our movie stubs

Hubby left these in the kitchen before leaving for work on Saturday!! Isn't he just the best!!
Love you soooo much!! :) :)

Saturday was a bit slow, with hubby on work all day and me and brother too lazy to do anything.... or for that matter make a plan as to what to do next!!
Do you ever have such moments??

trying to make funny faces!! yes! M wearing a Minnie Mouse top!! I love it!! :)

Boys : hard at work!!

Then came Saturday evening and the energy that we had been saving up the whole day was put into action with a great BBQ at our community BBQ pits.. Hubby and brother really enjoyed their hot dogs.. I, on the other hand loved my veggie BBQ with grilled veggies, sweet potatoes and tater bites (yummy)..

We did plan a grilled pineapple dessert but our tummies were too full for another round...

I had made a lot of plans for Sunday but it turned out that we are "lazy bums", got up late, lazed around on the couch, watched looney tunes while having breakfast, hubby wanted to have a tropical feel so he told me to top a beer mug with ice and put "powerade" in it with a straw.. weird right!! But we are that way.. Weird..

Tropical "Powerade"!! 

We finally got up around 1 in the afternoon to leave for another fun filled day.. as it would not have been completed without my trip to the mall and the discount book store to score another read..

Ready to go!!

My brother did his bit of the shopping and I did mine.. and hubby did his, paying the bill that is, heheh, sorry hubby just a joke. :P
Tried it on!! Loved it!1 No clue Why I DID NOT GET IT!! Somebody hit me on the head!!

We had a perfect late lunch at Islands with burgers on our plates before heading on for another movie, yea I know its the second one in 2 days.. I think it was a day for cartoons cause we saw Disney's new movie Brave!! The AMC Burbank theatres have the new Dolby Atmos sound system and if you haven't checked it out.. you should, it was an awesome experience. This sound system is specially designed to enhance your 3-D experience, with speakers installed overhead as well. You could hear and fell every sound of the movie..

Our drinks!

Yummy burgers and fries for the table!

We ended the day by skipping dinner and instead relieving our sweet tooth at yogurtland, it's my favorite place for dessert.

Dinner :P

Now for the FabFitFun Challenge

Day 19 : Make a meal memo

Day 20 : H2O yeah

Day 21 : Get Pedi Ready

P.S. Coming up next : Another Outfit post!!


  1. I love the manicure! I am following back on GFC and bloglovin but I cannot find your page on FB, could you give me the link please??

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. I would like to see that movie.=)

    Of course we can follow each other. I'm now following you, follower 29 on GFC.

    1. Thank u!!

      You definitely should watch this movie!!

  3. You have a great husband! I would love someone to leave me delicious donuts like those :)

  4. It looks like you had a great weekend! Those donuts look so yummy!!

  5. You are looking so good in the red outfit! And the food looks so yummy. You definitely had a great time, it seems :-)
    Take care,

  6. Nice blog dear.

  7. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, dear. You look lovely, and so does your family. Looking forward to more of your posts!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  8. How lovely of your hubby to leave you donuts.=)

    Of course we can follow each other. I'm now following you on GFC (Kashaya)

  9. your donuts <3<3<3<3
    very interesting blog soooo I'M YOUR NEW FOLLOWER ! :3
    hope you'll follow me back and have a nice day! :*


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