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Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Edition

It was a Long, Fun-Filled Weekend for me!!

Long because hubby was home on Friday, well , he wasn't well but still I got another whole day to spend with him.. :)

Fun-Filled as Dad visited us here for the weekend, he had a conference here in US and stopped by our place before heading on to NY and we had loads of fun!!

Just a minute ago I was sorting and re-filling my half-filled masala boxes (half filled as I could only get half because of the weight limitations during my last visit to India.. you can read all about it here).. I can still smell the aroma of home made spices in my fingers.. ahh.. the divine feeling!!

So back to the weekend.. before I start feeling nostalgic..

My weekend in pictures :

1. Shopping at Camarillo Premium Outlets!! Got myself an "all-purpose handbag".. to be seen in the next post

2. Dining or rather celebrating Early Father's Day at souplantation! yummy!!

3. Went to "Explore" JPL-NASA Open House

4. Yummy Mexican Dinner prepared by hubby

5. A game of pool at the clubhouse.. I did learn a few tricks.. YAY for me!!

6. Yummy, relaxed and satisfying breakfast with hubby and dad!!

7. Masala Idlis for Lunch

Although, Dad had to leave for NY in the morning today, it still feels good to know he's still here in US close to us!!

Now for the FabFitFun Challenge :

Day 7 : The SPF I use..

Day 8 : In with Intervals.. A post run pic

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!


  1. Hi....looks like you had lot of fun this weekend!!!

    You have a nice blog...Do visit mine

  2. Those foods looked yummy!
    Advance Happy Father's Day to you dad.


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