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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Book Review 5 : A Matter of Honor by Jeffrey Archer

Starting with this one, I am giving my book reviews a little bit of a makeover.. Giving a bit of more details and making a little bit more "Nerdy".. but I kinda like it..

So, here we go..

Title : A Matter of Honor
Author : Jeffrey Archer
First Copyright date/year : 1986 ( I was born in that year)
Type : Novel
Genre : Fiction - Political thriller
Pages : 429

My Review

Jeffrey Archer has written a number of books including novels and short stories that topped the bestseller lists all around the world. This one however is my first read from the long list of books from him. It is a fiction novel set in mid 1960's and starts of in Moscow, Russia with a KGB officer being briefed about a mission. In the next chapter it turns to London and the "Hero" of the novel makes his entrance as Adam Scott, Adam and his family are gathered for the reading of his father's will. Adam is bequeathed with an envelope. According to his father it was up to Scott, whether to open the envelope or not, but if he chose to do open it he should never reveal the contents to anyone.

With curiosity and caution he reads and unravels the mystery written on the piece of paper he has inherited but not without KGB officer Romanov, the "villain", CIA and his own countrymen after him. Thus the chase begins, with every page giving way to new mystery and answers.

There is mystery,drama, action and even a detailed description of a torture by the Russians. You feel as if you are watching a James Bond movie. You can't help but turn page after page to know what happened next.

What did Adam discover?
Did Romanov come to know about it?
Who was that man listening to Adam's conversation?
Will Adam be able to escape?

There are two other interesting characters in the book Lawrence and Robin.
I love the way Robin's been described and the conversations between her and Adam as well as Romanov, it makes you laugh.

It is a great Political thriller, set 45 years back in time with an intriguing plot. It's an easy read with a balance of both imagination and reality

I'm onto my second Jeffrey Archer book and I must say his way with the written word is amazing!! :)

P.S. Next up : Weekend Edition III And a new Outfit Post

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  1. Great review! The book sounds interesting, although I'm not much of a political thriller genre person. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  2. sounds like an interesting book!

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    see you around!

  3. thanks for dropping by! happy to follow you here and on bloglovin'!

  4. Sounds like a great read! I'm into all kinds of book so I might have to check this one out!
    And thank you so much for the sweet comment and for following my blog!! I am following you back with pleasure!!

  5. Sounds like an interesting book! I'll have to check it out :)

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  8. Always nice to know new books to read, this one seems nice, I've read many political thrillers so maybe I'll give this one a shot if I find it :)
    Great review!
    - Che

  9. Nice review dear :) will check it out.. my all time fav is kane and abel.. whats your? am following your blog now.
    Do check out my blog and leave a comment.. would mean a lot to me..

  10. I go through like a book a day so it's always amazing to find a new summer read! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, of course I would like to follow you! I am now, and I would love it if you could follow me too! :-)

    Danie B

  11. Great review.=)

  12. This is a really great review! Will have to look into more Jeffrey Archer, I've heard amazing things.

    Alexandra xo

  13. Thank you Mehak for leaving those sweet words for me in my blog ! I appreciate your feedback. I am a book lover as well and although I have not read this one, thanks for the review. You have written a very good and analytical review that will tempt any reader to read this book. One of my closest friend is a Jeffrey Archer fan. She used to praise two of his other works 'A Quiver full of Arrows" and "Only time will tell".
    Looking forward to read more from you !
    have a great day,

  14. It is a very interesting plot, I will buy this book!

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