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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The "All Purpose" Bag!!

Do you have an " All Purpose " bag??
One in which you can put almost everything you own??

Lately, I've been searching for one, it should primarily have 2 basic qualities :

1. It should be sturdy enough to carry my stuff!! ( I always have loads )
2. Great look!!

I like to carry almost everything in my bag from pen"s" to nail clipper, granola bars to emergency medical kit, make up to make up removers.. and what nots..!!! It's like a mini carry on luggage!!
I try to keep it as organised as possible but you know handbags need cleaning frequently!!

My poor little handbags have been doing the heavy duty stuff for me for a long time now and it was time for me to cut them some slack!! Sorry dearies.. for being so harsh on you...
Last weekend I went shopping to the Outlet mall as I mentioned here and there it was.. the perfect bag!! It had the looks, the versatility, the sturdiness I was looking for...and just for $32!!! I had to get it..

And the moment I got home, I started loading my darling BIG handbag with all the stuff I needed/may need/rarely need!! ahh..well you never know what comes in handy.. right??

We had a fun trip planned the next day to JPL-NASA open house and I thought there's no better occasion for me to try it out than this!!

I boxed up our lunch.. yeah.. I like to carry my own food rather than chomping on all the greasy ones we get these days... It was a huge box but my handbag gobbled it up completely.. it just disappeared!! :)
I'm in love with my handbag!!

My all purpose bag : Naturalizer

I Love the little lock and key on it!! And the key  "does" open the lock!!!

What M wearing : Top : H&M, Tank top : Forever21, Jeans : AE, Shoes : LifeStride, Bangles : India,  Watch : Fossil, Jewels : Forever21

P.S. My mum loved this hair do on me.. and told me i should make it often.. So you might be seeing this on me in the coming posts.. Love you mum!!

Now for the FabFitFun Challenge

Day 9 : Which artificial sun tanning medium do you use : Well I use none.. I have a nice skin tone.. So I feel I don't need it

Day 10 : Strike a Pose for your Bikini Shoot! (practice pose..)

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  1. That is a fab bag, Mehak! One sure needs a sturdy yet beautiful all-purpose bag like the one you bought, to carry the world in it!! I'm like you too, carrying a lot of stuff around!


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