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Friday, June 15, 2012

Red and White.. Indian Style!!

As you all know I made a recent trip back home to India, I had been away from India from the past 1 and a half year and had no idea of the trends people were following there especially in terms of Indian Wear!! I haven't been wearing much Indian clothing since I've been in US, mainly because I've always felt comfortable in a pair of jeans and t-shirt and Indian wear has always been my go to dress when it came to functions and family gatherings.. But as it had been long since I've dressed up completely in an Indian outfit, as soon as I reached home all I wanted to do was wear my sarees and suits but din't know whether they were still in trend.. So, what do you do to find out "What's in fashion right now"?

Look into a magazine
Search online
or my favorite option... Visit a designer Exhibition and I happen to visit 4 during my stay there.. It was exciting.. there were a lot of different options and trends that I had no knowledge of especially " Dhoti " Salwar (pants).. Well at first I din't know how to wear it.. I mean what to pair it with until  I saw a perfect Punjabi kurta..(tunic).. and it immediately became an addition to my closet..

I saw people wearing these dhoti salwars but this one was different.. It had a little lace detail to it and wasn't very wide at the hip like the other's that I saw.. I saw girls wearing it with tight tops and I said to myself " What the hell were they thinking".. but it's just my opinion, no offense to anyone..

This is how I wore it, the pics aren't that great as my dear cameraman (my hubby) wasn't with me on the trip.. :(

I was really into the color "RED" at that time and went with this Red salwar, it had a nice string of beads in white and gold on its side.. I LOVED TWIRLING IT AROUND IN MY HAND...It was fun!!

I kept it simple with a delicate gold-ruby necklace and Bangles (My wedding bangles) .. added a pair of Pakistani Chappals(Slippers) with it and a red clutch!! :)

Do lemme know how you like it?? and how would you wear it??

Now for the FabFitFun Challenge :

Day 11 : ABC Abs :

Day 12 : The hair fix : A concoction of rosemary and olive oil.. My hair did feel wonderful.. No blow dry needed...

Have a great weekend guys!! See you Monday with Weekend Diaries!!!

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