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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Book Review :The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern

British Book Challenge 2012 : First Review for June

I picked up this book during my trip to India.. I really liked the concept the book is based on so I went ahead and gave it a try...

Lucy, a messed up girl who hates her job, lost her boyfriend 3 yrs ago but still stalks him, hides behind a mountain of lies.. She nicknames all her colleagues, is a misfit in her family and only wants to be shut in her small post breakup apartment with her illegal per.. A cat named Mr. Pan.

One day, she receives a letter in a gold envelope asking her to schedule a meeting with LIFE!! Yes, LIFE!!!
She had been ignoring these letters for a while but it was about time to go and actually meetup with her life.. which was actually a "HE"..

Life entered her life to make Lucy realize that she can find peace and love again.

Cecelia Ahern has written it beautifully, capturing each and every thought and the little moments that makes you more attached to the main character, Lucy and all the others surrounding her.. While reading the book you might be able to relate some events from your own personal life, I know I could. It makes you laugh with some silly things that she does.. and makes it a light read..

The concept of personification of life is original.

I really love the lines with which the book ends, so I quote it directly from the book :

As long as you're around, life is too.. so just as you shower love and affection and attention on the husbands,wives,parents,children and forever friends who surround you, you have to do so equally with your life, because it's "your's", it's you and its always there rooting for you, cheering you on!!!

So, go ahead give it a read!! It's language is simple, easy to understand and won't be leaving you reaching for your dictionary!!

Now for the FabFitFun Challenge my latest pics for their challenges:

Day 5 : Planking it
I did the plank pose during my yoga routine also known as Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana

Day 6 : Munch with a tropical punch

I added coconut milk, pineapple and banana for a smoothie or rather i should say Virgin Pina Colada!!!

Husband and I enjoyed it thoroughly.. it was slurrppyyy yumm with no fat at all!! 


  1. Read many of her books before and always love the magic realism themes of her books. Going to try this one too! :D

  2. Sounds interesting, will try to read it! Thanks a bunch, Mehak, for stopping by and commenting!


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