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Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review 6

My 3rd and the last Book Review for June 2012. I've read more books this month than i thought I will.. Well  I guess that's an accomplishment.. Don't you think so??

Here it goes:

Title : As the crow flies
Author : Jeffrey Archer
Published by : Harper Collins
Type : Novel
Genre : Fiction
Pages : 738 (original)
            234 (condensed)

My Review

This is my second read from Jeffrey Archer.. It was totally different from the first one.. No suspense or tortures but there was drama for sure..

The book starts off with the narrator telling a story about an innocent boy Charlie Trumper ( the main character), who lives with his grandfather and his 2 sisters, in the whitechapel area of London's East end. A talented boy who dreams of becoming an honest barrow boy who's best in the business of selling fruits and vegetables just like his grandfather.

When his grandfather dies, Charlie becomes the sole breadwinner for the family, he drops out of school before he hits his teens to handle his grandfather's shop and quickly turns out to be better and brilliant than him.

The story takes you through a journey of  Charlie's life from an eight year boy to a soldier fighting for his country in the World War II to becoming Lord Charlie Trumper, who owns a large empire consisting of shops and businesses from every walk.

The story moves through a span of 60-70 years(hence should be called a saga) of Charlie's life, including a feus with the Trentham's, friendships which grow into relationships.. As I mentioned earlier.. Drama at it's best!!

The author has written the book from a number of different viewpoints of the various characters in the story making it all the more interesting. It's like getting into the head of these characters and knowing what they are thinking..

The story has an interesting ending that brings a smile to your face and leaves you asking for more!!

P.S. Next up : Denim and Lace!!


  1. wow... the book sound though... glad the end brings a smile :)
    Will deifinitely check it out :)
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  2. If only I could find time to read books... This sounds like a great read!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment and visiting my blog! I love that you do book reviews as well. This one sounds like a great book. Would you like to follow each other?

    xo Andrea

    1. I realized that you are following me. I am now privately following you :)

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