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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Very Happy Father's Day!!

This Father's Day I would just like to tell you :

Thanks for holding my hand at every step of my  life
Thanks for catching me before I fall
Thanks for keeping my pleasure and happiness before yours
Thanks for the showering me with your unconditional love
Thanks for understanding and supporting my every decision
Thanks for showing me the correct path of life
Thanks for loving me the way no man could ever
Thanks for teaching me my first words
Thanks for being my first pal
Thanks for providing me everything before I even ask
Thanks for letting me choose my own path in life
Thanks for helping me grow in my thoughts and decisions
Thanks for just being there when I needed you the most.. that is "ALWAYS"...

You are the first man that I've known in my life and yes, when mom asked "what kind of guy do you wanna marry?" I did say "someone just like my dad".. and I meant it and I am really lucky to have found him *sigh*..
That is the level of influence you have on me. I've learnt so much from you, especially in the past few years, when I started taking "BIG" decisions on my own. You've been there for me all along the way.. holding my hand and guiding me..

This Father's Day I would like to Thank You from the bottom of my heart.. You've inspired me so much.. I don't know whether you know this or not but during my personality development workshop I wrote a full essay on YOU. Title being.. "A person who inspires you".. I meant each and every word I wrote and wish I could have read it aloud to you today!!

On a lighter note, Thanks for taking my side, when mom disagreed with me and listening to me when I give you health tips, even though some of them I do pick up from the wonderful e-mails you send me to keep me motivated!!!

I have been blessed with not one but TWO "Dad's". My Father-in-law,well, I never call him that, he's my DAD!! He loves me unconditionally. He has been most supportive of every decision that i make. Dad you've been there for me all along this past year and a half, I've known you to be the most generous person in this whole world!! You've showered me with your blessings and love. While writing this down I have a big "SMILE" on my face and I'm remembering your words "Thoda aur khana shuru kar do" (You should eat more). haha.. Love you DAD..
Dad, I love and respect you from the core of my heart and it increases with every passing moment. I hope you had the "Kalakand wali barfi" (indian sweet) to celebrate... (BIG SMILE)

My trip this year to India made me realize how important it is to have a family who cares for you, who loves you no matter what you do and will be with you to everyplace, every time!!

Love you both so very much!!


Asking me... Where did you come from.. On my surprise visit.. story here

When I met Dad after 1 and a half year!

Ready to go for a wedding!

This one is the cutest!!
Dad in an apron.. squeezing fresh juice for me.. pomegranate and orange!! yummm

With Love

Last year I made a painting for them.. Its on my art blog here and here!!

This was a bonus post I did.. especially for my DAD's..

Coming up next ; Weekend Edition and a new Outfit post!!


  1. Deae Mehak i thank God that i am blessed with a dauhghter like you. Your each and every word toched my heart but big smile on my face. lovely Mehak lot of lov lov lov and lot of blessings to both of you. And kala Kand and Ras Malai kha li aap sab ki aur se.


  2. Dear Mehak,
    Thanks for such wonderful compliments. I always wanted a daughter like you and I am lucky to have you.It was my dream to have a daughter before a son which was fulfilled by God.I love you a lot and miss you too.
    I am doubly lucky to get a son in law who is more than a son and believe me I have started depending on him in many issues.
    Today I was thinking that i made a mistake. I should have planned this week end with you and Suki could have joined too.Any how,you are always with us.


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